Another problem for Vrba. The disciplinarian will deal with his flight

Vrba emotionally celebrated Jiří Klíma’s equalizer in the 85th minute at the final 1:1 by throwing a bottle of water into the stands. According to his words, he did not hit anyone. “She ended up on an empty seat, I was watching the flight,” Vrba told reporters. “Fortunately, the stands were not full, but maybe I will go to court. I will go here in a week for questioning, even if nothing happened,” added the 58-year-old coach.

In April, for example, the disciplinary commission reprimanded the then coach of Jablonec Petar Rada for indecent behavior towards a spectator during a match with Pardubice. The fan provoked Rada with a vulgar shout, who answered him in a similar spirit from the bench towards the stands.

Olomouc’s Lukáš Vraštil was punished by being banned from starting in three competitive matches for being sent off against Hradec Králové. The 28-year-old defender “shot down” Filip Kubala with a hard tackle and received a straight red card in the 42nd minute. Weakened Sigma lost 0:1 in Mladá Boleslav, where the East Bohemians have a home asylum. Vrštil has already served one match from his suspension because he did not start on Wednesday against Liberec.

Vlastimil Daníček from Slovácko and Aiham Ousou from Slavia got red cards for one competitive match, but both of them served their punishment in Wednesday’s inserted round. According to the FAČR Referee Commission, stopper Ousou was wrongly sent off in Brno. However, the disciplinarian does not review situations in which the judge should have awarded a different card for the offense. The commission usually “pardons” the player only if the referee mistakes the footballer or the intervention does not happen at all.

Prague Bohemians 1905 were fined 35,000 crowns by the disciplinarian for the fact that the fans used pyrotechnics and shouted inappropriately during the fourth league round match with Hradec Králové in Ďolíček.

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