Don’t raise your hand. The Ukrainian caught Azarenkov with just one racket

Don’t raise your hand. The Ukrainian caught Azarenkov with just one racket
Don’t raise your hand. The Ukrainian caught Azarenkov with just one racket

On court 17, discord continued between the women of the countries that Putin’s invasion pitted against each other. Twenty-year-old Kosukov sent Azarenkov, who was ten years older, the day before the match, to let him know how he would behave after the game.

And as she wrote, she did. Azarenkov only acquired a missile defense, which was used during the recent covid pandemic. Not five among the persons who openly condemned the wolf and others of their government, explained the girl, who entered with a blue-and-yellow stucco pinned to her kilt.

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Last week, she spoke out against him when she protested his attendance at the Tennis Plays for the World charity event held at Flushing Meadows.

You never talked to them about the Russian wolf, you didn’t show your clear position in general, I don’t have a friendly relationship with them and they want to take part in pro-Ukrainian actions, she said. Don’t mess with them and then do this. I just don’t understand it.

Kosukov was equally surprised that the applicant from the American Tennis Association did not discuss the list of guests with her compatriot Lesja Curenková: I will not meet the Russians or Bloruskas at the exhibition.

After sensitive trials, it was agreed that Azarenkov would drop out of it. Vika is a strong female entrepreneur and we appreciate her willingness to participate in initiatives. Due to the sensitivity of the situation, I know that we made the right decision, sounded the announcement.

An inhumane day to Ukraine raised relations even on the WTA and ATP circuits.

Dal’s sister-in-law Lyudmila Kienokov refused to shake hands with Russian Veronika Kudrmetova after the doubles semifinal in Cincinnati. He just waved at himself.

Azarenkov reacted to Kosukov’s fourth gesture without any emotion.

It didn’t surprise me. I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. The same thing happened to me with (Dajana) Jastremska in Washington. Don’t force anyone. And how did I honor myself? It’s definitely not the tallest mountain in the world.

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