they spoiled the Williams dishes in the New York cauldron. Good luck, they agreed

they spoiled the Williams dishes in the New York cauldron. Good luck, they agreed
they spoiled the Williams dishes in the New York cauldron. Good luck, they agreed

For Venus & Serena, he has won 14 Grand Slams and the Olympics. Serena will end her career at least after the US Open 2022, Venus is likely to retire soon.

It is likely that their last game together was seen by the audience on the New York center court on Thursday. Dl did not progress. They lost to Lucia Hradeck and Linda Nosková 6:7, 4:6.

The protel of the Hradeck windmill and the first takeoff of the Noskov comet in a single atmosphere presented a magnificent spectacle that caught anyone’s eye.

How did it affect you when you were faced with such famous soap operas?
Lucie Hradeck: We play tennis in front of so many girls. We know that almost everyone cheered against them. But I don’t mind. Mm rda rmus.

Ashe Stadium. 23 thousand people Night session. How did the scenery affect you?
Linda Noskov: It took my breath away when I learned that our lot was against the Williamses. They are legends. I’ve always been rooting for them, especially Seren. She’s been my idol since forever, so I was happy, excited and really excited to fight them first. But only on arrest. I realized that there wouldn’t be another day like this, so I decided to stay on the court.

Did you save your best tennis score so far today?
LN: Urite, one hundred percent. Every win in singles is due. The junior Grand Slam title (from Roland Garros) meant a lot to me in particular. But this is my dream come true.

Which moment was the most special for you?
LN: The last two mes in the tie break were good, when we played time to the line. It’s a blast to set in this style, especially in such an atmosphere. And of course furniture is furniture.
LH: We were leading, we were a crack ahead, but the scree could have turned. And so when we exchanged furniture, I was incredibly happy. Everything fell from me.

Did it bother you when after your great performances there was only a murmur and, on the contrary, after your mistakes the audience roared?
LN: we expected such a reaction, so we were not surprised. The savages didn’t throw us out. Actually, it was a shame to hear that ev, even though he suffered from soup.
LH: I reveled in that rmus. It is certainly better than silence in an empty stadium. In addition, I also heard from Czech fans.

How did you, Linda, crawl into such a cauldron at the age of seven?
LN: It was a good feeling when I left it. (laughs) But I don’t care. The entry was also great. When you can, you will remove the full fan. When things don’t go well, notice everything around you.

Didn’t you get stubbornness out there?
LN: I expected him to come. But I had no idea that I was playing against legends, which surprised me.
LH: I thought, it helped how to swim. She had to do something else, divert her thoughts elsewhere. She didn’t need to be nervous.

What actually happened shortly before the fight?
LN: I had to change my head because of the logo on the walls. I didn’t realize I wasn’t allowed to have him there. Friday, everything will be in the horseshoe. It was a quick thing.

Linda, did it bother you when Serena deliberately walked to the center of the court on your Venus day?
LN: Every time they try to do something to throw the soup away. But she threw herself several times, she didn’t even have to stand there. Service was not my strongest point.
(LH shakes his head in disapproval)

Serena is famous for making juices. Did you hear any of their provocations?
LH: You’ve gotten used to it. When Andy (Hlavková) and I played against Williams for the first time in Pai, we chose serve by lot. And Serena: Thats good. We looked to see what it meant. I’m not surprised, but I warned Linda.
LN: Serena is Serena as far as we know. I’ve known her for a long time, and she’s a good friend of theirs.

Lucie Hradeck with Linda Nosková after the fight over the Williams sisters.

ESPN TV showed a photo from your Instagram from Pae 2018 on pmm broadcast. Do you remember it?
LN: Yes, I played in the junior qualification at Roland Garros and got some tricks for my family from the manager. She played the first game I played. I put about ten pspvk on Instagram.

Linda, do you really have a Serena plaque on the wall at home?
LN: Yes, above the bed. ernobl, u zaedivl It’s here for service from the US Open, from 2014, 2015. Although I moved out, when I walk into the room, Serena is the first thing I see.
LH: Post a picture of me holding hands together after the rescue.
LN: Good idea! The whole atmosphere and the vibes were unreal.

US Open 2022 website

Do you realize you schooled the Williamses in their very last May together?
LH: if they lost it to me, when did they have such a good record? I’ve got two wins against them, both here… But I’m counting the two on each other, not on them. For me, this is the last grand slam in my career. Quite a few people were tricked into my potential farewell to New York. (smile) What are you asking?

How did you actually get together?
LH: I had a fling with Sanja Mirza. Unfortunately she got hurt in Toronto. Then she got her hands full in Cincinnati, flew home and wrote that she didn’t have two weeks left. That was after a set of pins at the US Open.

So the replacement was looking for something, eh?
LH: Right. I had a week. The trainer and I found Linda on the list of candidates and approached her. I’m glad she called me. But when we saw the lottery ticket, I thought: I guess she didn’t vote, did she?
LN: Rescue as rescue, well.

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