The big gesture of fair play by the Louna coach was rewarded by karma with a trophy for the winner

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Thanks to the great gesture of fair play by their coach Petr Kotěšovský, the Loun small hockey players received positive karma at the tournament in Teplice. At the end of the final duel with home team Teplice, they managed to equalize, they were more successful in raids after that and lifted the winning trophy above their heads.

Fragments from the Teplice – Letňany duel

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The Teplice Mayor’s Cup tournament for 2014 in Stínadly culminated in the final match between Huskies and Louny. Teplice were better, they created a number of chances and also had a 5:1 halftime lead. During the second half, they still led 6:3, but then gradually began to lose their lead, until Slovan equalized at 6:6 a few seconds before the end. The Louns were more successful in raids, their joy at the win was immeasurable.

HC Teplice Huskies hockey camp

Hopefully the prices of ice cream will not go up, I wish the Huskies warm

“Teplice should have lost after regular time, but coach Loun Petr Kotěšovský already conceded a goal to them in the first half, which the referee did not see; the goalkeeper caught the puck behind the goal line, which the coach saw well, but the referee, who was standing at the wrong angle, did not. Kotěšovský called him and showed with a gesture that he should concede the goal. It was fair of him. As a club, we thank him for such an attitude, this is how all coaches should behave. Similar acts are a great role model for children,” praised the fair play of the Louna coach Tibor Ondruš, the organizer of the series of six tournaments.

For the cup of the mayor of the city of Teplice - 2014Coach Petr Kotěšovský with his daughterSource: Deník/František Bílek

The shadow of the entire tournament was the injury of the Kralupe goalkeeper, who was jumped on by his rejoicing teammates after the winning duel with Karlovy Vary. Gólman Vyder went by ambulance to Teplice Hospital for examination with a suspected concussion.

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