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Some retailers have even stopped taking orders for consoles altogether so as not to withhold money from users when they know they won’t be able to stock the consoles before Christmas. Instead, they state on their website that the expected availability is not until sometime in 2023.

The practice of the last two years was that orders were processed within three to six months from the order date, even during the chip crisis.

However, the situation on the market continues to be complicated by resellers who were patient and ordered the console earlier. On various Internet bazaars, they usually offer it with an additional fee of several thousand compared to the purchase price.

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PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 didn’t cost that much after all

Due to the “global economic situation”, when high inflation screws up even the prices of components for consoles, Sony has decided to increase the prices of the PlayStation 5 in Europe and in selected foreign markets – in Japan, China, Australia, Mexico and Canada.

The price has remained the same so far only in the American market, where Sony is fighting with domestic rival Microsoft and its Xbox.

Inflation affects the players as well. Sony will make the PlayStation 5 more expensive

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On our continent, the price of both offered models increased by 50 euros, i.e. by more than 1,200 CZK. In the end, the Czech distribution was not so strict on the players, the prices increased by exactly one thousand kroner. Potential buyers will now pay 11,790 CZK for the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition instead of the original 10,790 CZK.

The classic PlayStation 5 with an optical drive will cost CZK 14,490 instead of CZK 13,490.

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