Dallas’ number one has a contract! Oettinger signed for three years

Dallas’ number one has a contract! Oettinger signed for three years
Dallas’ number one has a contract! Oettinger signed for three years

The Dallas Stars announce the signing of a very important player. Protected free agent Jake Oettinger finally agreed to a new contract with the team after lengthy negotiations. After the expiration of his rookie contract, he will remain in the Texas city for another three years.

Jake Oettinger has been with the Dallas Stars organization since the 2017 draft, when he was selected as the first goaltender of the year from the 26th overall pick. Subsequently, he developed in the NCAA college competition, where he caught 109 games for Boston with a success rate of 92.3%.

He worked his way into the NHL only in 2020, when he jumped into two already underway games in the playoffs. However, he did not let any of the eight shots behind him. He caught the first complete game in January 2021 against Detroit, in which he also scored his first win in the best competition in the world.

During the past season, he conquered the Stars goaltending, when he caught 48 duels, he went to the next seven games in the playoffs. After the rookie contract expired, the team from Texas insured the talented American for three years. Oettinger will receive $4 million annually and will once again be a protected free agent when his contract expires.

In addition to high-quality results in the NHL, the twenty-three-year-old goalkeeper also dazzled on the international stage. He has a solid collection of medals from world championships at home. He won bronze and gold plaques with the 18- and 20-year-olds, and added another bronze with the senior team at the championship in 2021.

Dallas would probably like to carry at least medals from the national team for the following years, because success with the national team would mean Dallas’ non-participation in the fight for the Stanley Cup.

The Central Division squad currently has just over six million dollars in free cap space. However, forward Jason Robertson, who at the age of twenty-three is becoming an important figure for Dallas, is still waiting for a big contract.

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