Poland – Czechia 99:84, Loss at the start. Errors in defense sent the Czech basketball players to the ground hard

The injured Tomáš Satoranský started in the starting five, but he soon took turns and managed only short sections of the game. In total, he spent seventeen minutes on the board, but it was obvious that, considering the condition of his ankle, he does not really dare to drive to the basket. He tried to distribute the ball rather, not one of his four attempts at a shot was taken in the whole match.

From the beginning, the cooperation of the playmaker Ponitka with the 215 cm pivot Balcerowski worked perfectly for the Poles, the two together secured the first fifteen points of their team. The Czech team, bound by nervousness, did not keep up in defense and chose hasty shots in attack.

Mainly, the long players from under the basket did not get to the finish, but not even to the rebound. The packed O2 arena was quite taken aback by such a development. The opponent’s eleven-point streak led coach Ginzburg not only to a time-out, but also to rotate a total of eleven men in the lineup during the opening eight minutes.

Statistics of the match Poland – Czechia.Photo: www.sofascore.com

However, in the game of the representatives, it continued to grind as hard as it could. They did not know how to deal with the hardness and speed of the opponent. The score at 18:29 after the first quarter looked scary, only two of the eight three-point attempts were made, and the success of the home team from the free throw line was even zero in the first quarter of an hour.

But the main problem was the inconsistent defending of the Czech players, with 36 received points in thirteen minutes, there was a serious threat of a three-digit score. Fortunately, during the second act, by taking over the opponent’s players well, they managed to remove the chaos in the defense, and with shots from a distance and more courage under the basket, at least for a while, the representative machine got started, which scored ten points in a row (35:36).

There was a big tussle for every ball, during which the national team took the lead even for a minute before the end of the half, but a series of seven Polish points at the beginning of the third period put them back in a position where they had to catch up. After Ginzburg’s selection, the defensive game was scattered again, and although he gradually restored it to a certain extent, the naturalized American in the Polish passing game Slaughter was able to hold the ball for a long time in the attack, and then hit.

Despite enormous efforts, the Czech team did not manage to reduce the deficit to less than five points, moreover, after Ponitka’s triple, the score was already very unfavorable 81:90 two minutes before the end, and the home team did not have enough calm or time to do anything about it.

European Basketball Championship – Group D (Prague)
Czechia – Poland 84:99 (18:29, 46:46, 63:69)
Lineup and points CR: Veselý 17, J. Bohačík 13, Hruban 8, Kříž 4, Satoranský – Auda 10, Peterka 9, Balvín 6, Krejčí 6, Sehnal 6, Kyzlink 5.
Most points for Poland: Mateusz Ponitka 26, Slaughter 23, Balcerowski 14.
Fouls: 23:19. Free throws: 19/12 – 19/15. Triples: 10:10. Rebounds: 24:36. Spectators: 10,992.

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