Czechia – Sweden 7:6 SN, Floorball players beat the world champions! They did it only for the third time in history

Niklas Ramirez opened the score exactly three minutes into the game. In the next 122 seconds, the Northerners were leading 2:0 after Ludwig Persson’s goal, and in the 19th minute, Kim Nilsson took care of the three-goal lead. The Czechs overcame Carl Bending-Sörling for the first time 51 seconds before the end of the first period, when Filip Langer made a breakthrough.

In the 24th minute, Berk’s selection was contacted by Marek Beneš. Emil Nilsen answered in 35 seconds, but in 114 seconds Matěj Havlas started the turnaround, which was completed by Jiří Besta and Marek Beneš in the 36th and 37th minutes in 79 seconds. Albin Sjögren equalized at 52:24, but captain Ondřej Němeček returned the lead to the Czech team in the 58th minute. A draw after 60 minutes was arranged by Hampus Ahrén 39 seconds before the end.

Filip Forman (left) during the match against Sweden.Photo: Czech floorball

In raids, Rýpar twice and Martin Kisugite made their mark for the Czech team. Goalkeeper Lukáš Bauer was surpassed only by Emil Nilsen and Kim Nilsson.

Men’s Euro Floorball Tour in St. Gallen (Switzerland):
Czechia – Sweden 7:6 after sam. raids (1:3, 4:1, 1:2)
Goals and assists: 20. Langer (Němeček), 24. Marek Beneš (Havlas), 27. Havlas (Langer), 36. Besta (Delong), 37. Marek Beneš (Hemerka), 58. Němeček, decider himself. raid Rýpar – 3. Ramirez (Sankell), 6. L. Persson (Ramirez), 19. K. Nilsson (Nilsberth), 25. Nilsen (Nilsberth), 53. Sjögren (Nilsen), 60. Ahrén (Sjögren). Exclusion: 1:1. No use. Viewers: 542.
Switzerland – Finland 3:4 after sam. raids (0:2, 2:0, 1:1).

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