The tailor has a goose at home. The offensive rebound of the Poles killed us, we have to be better with the Serbs, he says

“Before the match I had goosebumps. It was an incredible moment to run out in front of our fans, to play in front of family, in front of friends. A lot of people came already on Friday, and when we get excited, they help us a lot,” the Oklahoma player confessed.

“Of course, I would like the match to turn out differently. But there is no reason to hang your heads now. We still have four chances to make amends,” Krejčí did not lose his optimism. He saw the reason for the premiere’s failure in rebounding, the Poles got twelve more balls under the basket than the Czech team. “Mainly their offensive rebounding killed us. Several times it happened that we were already a ball after their deflected shots they almost had it, but they got it again and they scored simple baskets,” Krejčí recounted and regretted the many mistakes in the game of the representatives.

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Law

Vít Krejčí tries to break through the Polish defense.Photo: Vlastimil VacekRight

The record home attendance for the men’s national team (10,992 spectators) set by the match against the Poles will be moved already on Saturday. The match between the Czech Republic and Serbia is sold out, there can be up to thirteen thousand people in the O2 Arena, and the fans of both teams can make a real mess. “We have to benefit from the atmosphere. Serbia is a really tough opponent, but we always play better when we are not favorites,” explained Krejčí.

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