Czechia – Finland 5:4 SN, Floorball players beat even the vice-champions of the world at EFT

In contrast to the opening duel with Sweden, striker Tom Ondrušek was also included in the Czech team, who thus played the jubilee 100th match in the national team. Berk’s selection led against Finland from the 7th minute. After a pass from Filip Langer, Matěj Havlas opened the scoring. In the middle of the game, Marek Beneš added another assist from Langer. In just 23 seconds Konsta Tykkyläinen lowered.

After 18 seconds of the third period, Eeta Sikkinen equalized, in the 45th minute Filip Forman restored the lead to the Czechs, but in 69 seconds Sikkinen erased the loss again. Even Rýpar’s goal at 56:41 from a free kick did not decide, because Eemeli Salin forced the raids in 61 seconds.

In the shootout, Adam Delong, Rýpar and Marek Beneš prevailed, only Miko Kailiala succeeded against Martin Beneš for Finland. In the 54th match between them, the Czechs defeated the Finns only for the fifth time.

The Czech substitute cheers after the decisive raid by Marko Beneš.Photo: Czech floorball

The Swiss managed to retaliate

The Czech women’s floorball players lost in the second preparatory match in St. Gallen with Switzerland 4:6. The home team, coach Lukáš Procházka’s wards, avenged Friday’s defeat 3:6. For the winners, Corin Rüttimannová, Isabelle Gerigová and Luana Renschová each scored two points for a goal and an assist, the Czech captain Eliška Krupnová and Nela Jiráková also had the same balance.

Krupnová played her 122nd match in the Czech national team and overtook Denisa Billou in second place in the historical table. The record holder is Hana Koníčková with 135 starts. Krupnová rules the statistics of the national team with 143 points, 91 goals and 52 assists.

Euro Floorball Tour Men:
Czechia – Finland 5:4 after sam. raids (1:0, 1:1, 2:3)
Goals and assists: 7. Havlas (Langer), 31. Marek Beneš (Langer), 45. F. Forman (M. Krbec), 57. Rýpar from a free kick, the decisive one. Rýpar raid – 31. Tykkyläinen (Lastikka), 41. Sikkinen, 46. Sikkinen (Lehkosuo), 58. Salin (Kainulainen). Referees: Zurbuchen, Wehinger (both Swiss). Exclusion: 2:1. No use. Viewers: 783.
19:00, Switzerland – Sweden.
Preparatory match of floorball girls in St. Gallen (Switzerland):
Switzerland – Czechia 6:4 (2:3, 3:0, 1:1)
Goals and assists: 12. Edizová, 18. Gerigová (Rüttimannová), 27. Bertiniová (Renschová), 32. Renschová (Cattaneová), 37. Rüttimannová (Thomiová), 50. Metzgerová (Gerigová) – 5. Bačová (Havlíčková), 9. Plašková (Řepkova), 15. Jiráková (Krupnová), 60. Krupnová (Jiráková). Referee: Keel, Siegfried (both Swiss). Exclusion: 3:1. Usage: 1:2. In weakening: 1:0. Audience: 475.

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