Zmeck’s ace quintet and Jgra’s gate. How fun was the start of EuroBasket in Esk

Beer? Good and cheap, check. You know Tome Satoranskho, Otpae Jan Eleznho, Barbora Potková and a number of hockey players from Czech athletes. Otakar Janeck, great game, remember the current assistant of Pardubice, who once won those titles with Jokerit Helsinki.

Jaromr Jgra will also meet you here. Nevete, m rd basketball? Are you coming here? I hope to reach the rescue first with Finland. .

There is runo around the libsk hall. Children are crying out for advertising balloons and bows, their fathers are swinging on a horse-drawn carriage, and their mothers are sipping Aperol on their chairs.

The fan goes about her life, which doesn’t matter much in the hall. I walked towards the entrance, the openness of me with a nervous window. Will there be a Satoransk hound? Can they still take after those losses? And how many stops to save people?

The last time Prague (together with Havov and Bratislava) hosted the European Basketball Championship was 41 years ago. At that time, in 1981, Gustav Husk ruled in Slovakia. Menzel’s film Postiiny was playing in the cinemas, Lucerna was preparing for a concert by singer Tina Turner, and London was preparing for the wedding of Prince Charles with a certain Diana.

The world was invaded by the MS-DOS system, the American band Metallica… and thus bronze medals for basketball players from Slovakia. Darkness around Kamil Brabenc was not only in Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union.

Jitka said yes!

Now, Mexico can return the selected generation, which after the World Cup 2019 and the Polish Olympics will reach its peak at the EuroBasket. It’s getting dark for all our boys, maybe Satoransk will be played, in Tom Fukala, a fan who traveled to Prague by train from Czech Tna with a bunch of birds.

In their eighth group you will also find a cap in a Polish jersey. As? We always played basketball together for Slavoj esk Tn. We also had Polk in the dark, so we drank together. And who will win? We! zaki unanimous.

et and polt fans from Eskho Tna

The hall is full, hear hundreds of hymns. Esk fans are hard to get excited about, and basketball players don’t really give them much incentive. Do not build in the water quarter or the river from the neighboring land. He can’t especially defend and rebound. Even Tom Satoransk can’t do anything about it, he’s just injured after his ankle.

Kind of a quarter, that’s another pbh. Veselka, veselka, known from the Eskho kotel after Jan Veselho’s long koi. 46:46, the hall held not a remarkable theatrical performance, but a sports event.

Basketball experts and those who don’t mind terms like pick and roll will come to the world. The camera will look similar to famous personalities in the viewer. The pair of doppelgangers Michal Suchenko and actor Jonah Hill will appear on the dice. And what kind of event would it be in 2022 if it didn’t go far enough, e. Chvle tension. Jitka said yes, hls moderator. Phew.

There is also a trumpet player under the cauldron at full capacity. So the songs, you play the trumpet and one the trombone. The first trombone to add the right color to the sound. eat Zmeck’s ace quintet, the original is only fifth. These musicians are a welcome addition to cultural and sporting events. Sometimes they wear a troubadour uniform, other times a jersey and a t-shirt with a flag.

Trumpeter Pavel Kala (center) together with his friends-musicians accompany the basketball players.

We love basketball. We are from Nymburk, so we will accompany Nymburk when we go, but then a female and a male. We were also invited to EuroBasket. We are very proud, explains Pavel Kala, just a big musical ensemble together with his brother, trombonist Miloslav.

Together they supported the hockey players at the 2015 World Championship in Prague, and in November they will play at the World Netball Championship in Hall O2 The universe. The dog has a hundred songs in its repertoire, including Love Coda and High Juniper. But in the stadiums, the bull spe obloben Come on, let’s go.

Sometimes we don’t let the drummers stand out when they’re sick, Pavel winks about the band. The drummers are from Nymburk, near Elbe and Psku, but they’ve come to an agreement and now they’re drumming together to the basketball rhythm. The Czech national team will win these sympathies in all five matches in the main groups in Prague. Just to make them repay the game in kind.

Alas, there are two quarters left and I can’t go against Poland. I’m playing in cabins with a grumpy killer, the world is 84:99 on the indicator. The opponents were more aggressive, deadlier, more beautiful.

People roll up Czech flags with the inscriptions Frentt pod Radhotm, Cheb and Beroun. Support also poured in from Markvartovice, the birthplace of Jaromr Bohak. So maybe it will work out. And maybe Jgr will come too.

The article is in Czech

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