The apple tree suffers and blushes. U pt excluded? I’m ashamed, he said

The apple tree suffers and blushes. U pt excluded? I’m ashamed, he said
The apple tree suffers and blushes. U pt excluded? I’m ashamed, he said

Last time you had two excluded, this time you have five in total.
I’m ashamed of it. I always urged my team to play safely, concentrated, that’s the trend. We have the most red cards and we don’t win personal fights, that fascinates me. It’s huge, maybe in the dark, I’m sorry, it goes behind them too. hri and I talked about it. We had some time in the middle, then we got two goals in five minutes. If there is frustration, then emotions should strike. What was there is full of nonsense. Let’s face it, I’ll make it clear with the game.

I’m not in favor of fines. I’m sorry for the team, for the club. I know how hard the boys work, how much time we devote to it and then we are not able to recover. We have to respect each other. For me, we have to start from the assembled vc. And that is that this indiscipline ns sr. We’re going to save the day and we’re going to miss you. I only have those substitutes, one of whom didn’t play in the first league. The squad is weakened, and then what do you do with it? Each of us should bear that responsibility, even the game. Let me go through my head as we approach this. I don’t like it em in emotions. But we will do it soon.

What was decided in Teplice?
We clearly had a problem on our shoulders, and instead of continuing the progress we made from the 20th minute, when we managed to turn the score to 2:1, one five-minute shot will kill us. In the reverse direction, we will make two fatal errors and the exchange will use them. Don’t try to win your life like that.

Stelle ekte for the first match without conceding a goal. For?
I’m sorry about how we’re playing backwards, the mistakes in defense are beyond fault. If we score two goals away from home and don’t win even once, what’s wrong. And then the indiscipline of the games goes, let’s get two red cards and leave like sloppy dogs.

How does it work for you personally?
It’s a killer, I won’t lie. I hate it. We work as hard as we can, we have fun with the boys, we show each other things. We are leading 2:1, we have the ball under control, but we concede when the car is on the line, there is a foul, a shot and a goal. Football is about personal battles, and if both defenders lose at the moment, who will win. It’s nice to play, but today it’s tying for us. We play two games in Zln, two in Mlad Boleslav, two in Teplice and we won’t play the match. I didn’t screw it up. We have to work long, nothing else can be done. And hope that it will get better and we will succeed.

Daniel Souek, a reinforcement from Dukla, came on. How did you like his performance?
There weren’t many options because we had a lot of games mapped out. We chose the organization of the game, which was perfect, and we played the game. I would swim like this sometime to win my life. We donated it to Teplice. Dan stepped into it bravely, looked around, but then played a good game. He was with them for two days. He gave a passable performance. Unfortunately, in the games where it should happen, they didn’t manage the fights.

How is the situation of vnm club boss Miroslav Pelta?
Let’s talk 1444 times a day, we’ll get married in the stadium. You have to ask him. It’s definitely not a person, that’s for sure. And I’m not even surprised.

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