The story of Elvis Presley’s BMW 507 is as interesting as the singer himself

Forty-five years have already passed since the death of the singer Elvis Presley, whom no one calls anything other than “The King”. The rock’n’roll artist had an extremely successful but relatively short career that ended in early death. But when Elvis was still alive, he had another passion besides singing. Above all, he loved cars.

Photo: BMW

Elvis Presley in his BMW 507

During his military service in Germany from 1958 to 1960, for example, Presley owned a rather rare BMW 507 two-seater with the serial number 70079. The car was lost for fifty years after he flew back to the US, only to be found in absolutely appalling condition. But the car’s history meant great potential, so a complete renovation took place.

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Elvis saw the car in feather white color for the first time in Frankfurt and immediately bought it at the dealership there. But before that, the car was already owned by the German racer Hans Stuck, who traveled all over Europe in it, won several competitions and even visited King Baudouin of Belgium. In addition, even before Elvis, the car played in the German Hula-Hopp Conny, for example.

The singer subsequently used the car for trips from his home to the Friedberg base, but he was often followed by practically persistent female fans who wrote messages of love on the white paint with their lipsticks. To prevent this, the singer painted the car red. It is said that he was not very happy about it.

Upon his return, Elvis took the car to the US, where he sold it in New York and was never seen again. The local Chrysler car dealer sold it to radio host Tommy Charles for $4,500.

In Alabama, his most dramatic journey began as he became a racer. For example, a new V8 engine, a new axle, gearbox or even alarm clocks appeared under its hood. After three years, Charles sold the car, but even then it was unrecognizable.

The car eventually ended up in California, where it was purchased by Jack Castor, who originally wanted to restore it, but never got the money to do it. That’s why he stored the car in his barn among the pumpkins, where it waited for decades to be rediscovered. In 2014, Castor noticed an article by journalist Jackie Jouretová in Bimmer magazine, who was searching for the car together with BMW Group Classic. Therefore, he picked up the phone and called the editorial office, saying that he had the mentioned car in the garage at home. The search, which had been going on since 2006, was over.

The car then traveled to Germany, where it was completely renovated to its original condition. A number of parts had to be re-manufactured, either traditionally or using 3D printing. Under the hood, the 3.2-liter eight-cylinder engine and practically all other parts, including leather seats with spring padding and coconut mats, returned.

The car was then presented for the first time in 2016 at the famous Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, and since then, one of the most impressive cars ever owned by Elvis has been with us again. Maybe forever.

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