Do what you can, Rogli commanded. How Jumbo cut through the walls of Evenepoel

Do what you can, Rogli commanded. How Jumbo cut through the walls of Evenepoel
Do what you can, Rogli commanded. How Jumbo cut through the walls of Evenepoel

View of the climax of Saturday’s mountain stage, pi n.m Primo Rogli missed To Remk Evenepoeluntil it is very different depending on who speaks of this ending first.

Grischa Niermann, the sports editor of Roglio’s newspaper Jumbo-Visma, explained one day behind the goal: We wanted to tire Evenepoel and we succeeded. I didn’t expect to have such a big crisis after Primo’s flow. But it is of course very good for us when we see that he is vulnerable.

And the reaction of rival Quick-Step? Not long after finishing the stage, the Belgian station published a celebratory tweet: The impossible ride of Remek Evenepoel. He didn’t panic, drove at his own pace and managed not to lose too much time, but he secured the red jersey!

The fact is that Evenepoel, despite his inconvenient ride, lost 48 seconds to his first rival (plus 4 seconds bonus). And what else, he gave Roglio and Jumba an injection of self-confidence.

The fact is that the Belgian owner of the red jersey did not look like anyone after reaching the altitude of about 1,815 meters. Tired, yes, he was. But to roll over on the asphalt when exhausted, or to lean against a pedestrian in a collapsed state?

No way, nothing like that.

Prost got off the bike, gave it to the helper, took a drink and drank on the way.

Veer then tweeted: It was just another day at work, but tomorrow will be another day.

His pole vault shrunk from 2:41 to 1:49 minutes.

What happened in that?

Jumbo wanted to fully reprimand Evenepoel and reveal some of his weaknesses. And it really hit her, he stated Alberto ContadorEurosport commentator.

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I want to go to the stage, declared Primo Rogli before Saturday’s start in the team’s Jumba bus. But will his legs be good enough for it? When they were approaching the last ten kilometers, which included the ascent to Los Villares and then back up following the climb to the Sierra de la Pandera, he told his team members: I respect you, give it as hard as you can.

They took the pace Robert Gesink and Chris Harper and made a powerful selection in the favorite groups. They just peppered Roglio with a rebound board.

Then they drank the last three kilometers, which changed a lot. On the steep road, winding between the inhospitable stony slopes, Rogli disappeared.

What about Evenepoel?


He couldn’t react to him in red, the gap between him and the Slovenian quickly widened. I haven’t had such a feeling in the two weeks of the Vuelta so far.

Urit was not having his best day, he found out later. My legs weren’t the best and I couldn’t accelerate when Rogli set off. It was one of the hardest days we’ve had at the Vuelt so far, because it started quickly and lasted 80 kilometers, and no one left.

They went after Roglio Enrique Mas and Miguel Angel Lopez and they rushed to him. Evenepoel, on the other hand, gradually got away and gave the cyclist. Just try pt Juan Ayuso no, a Spanish teenager from the UAE Emirates had a puncture and had to wait for a wheel change.

Two and a half kilometers before the finish, Ayuso formed a pair with Evenepoel. After the crisis kilometer, when he quickly lost four minutes to Roglie, the leader of the Vuelta recovered and his losses did not increase.

3. of 2022 at 22:13 pspvek archived: 3. of 2022 at 23:30

In the middle of the stage, I lacked a bit of awareness to be able to chase the best, evenepoel. But we managed to limit the time of the generated code. I drove at my own pace. In large stages like this, it’s hand-to-hand combat. No one can help me here.

Did his weakness cause the nava of two weeks of seduction, which, like last year at the Giro, took a big toll? Or go to honor the consequences of the fourth fall? In the meantime, experts have analyzed this.

The second day after the fall probably doesn’t count. My muscles hurt a bit, but I won’t take it as a sign of guilt, Evenepoel stated.

At the last kilometer, where the steep road broke down, you are the strongest of the original refugees Richard Carapaz he got away from Ineos for the stage race and just eight seconds behind him, Rogli, coming together with Lpez, became the winner of the day in terms of the overall classification.

Enormous strength earned him the first decisive win over the Belgian race at this Vuelt.

Primo Rogli (in February) has a similar overall lead to the 14th stage of the Vuelta and is pulling back a few hundred seconds from his loss to leader Remec Evenepoel.

It’s been a nice day, Elder Jumba explained, obviously in a good mood. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I hope it goes like this. I worship at the stick, not at the stop of the Vuelta. It’s a scam, isn’t it?

Before the stage, if the runner finds that he will create a historical record of the Vuelta in the form of the triumph in ad, again oil. Due to illness, Jumbo drank o Seppa Kuss and because of covid o Edoardo Affinithere he is riding in eight, last week Rogli tried in vain to match Evenepoel in the steep climbs in the north of Spain, but the climb on the Sierra de la Pandera could be the turning point.

At least Rogli et al. they wanted to see

Meanwhile, Quick-Step did not catch similar thoughts at all.

Under the overall jump of 1:49 minutes, there is no reason to panic, claimed Evenepoel. I will try to regenerate and spend as much as possible. Everyone chooses one fifteen days on the Grand Tour.

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His colleagues also gave him optimism. His assistant Ilan Van Wilder explained: Remco didn’t lose fifteen minutes, but only for a second. I’m having problems again Rogli.

Fri… the Krlovsk stage will be on the program.

4018 vertical meters on 152.5 short kilometers.

even our hottest day of the Vuelta, recalled Grischa Niermann, sports editor of Jumba. And we’ll try to come up with something again.

After the start in the province of Jan, where the temperature is expected to be high, there will first be a hundred kilometers to the start, with the only mountain race of the third category.

On the other hand, the last 50 kilometers will be liquidated. Jednikov Alto del Purche and then Hoya de la Mora, a long and treacherous mountain range in the Sea of ​​Nevada, a twenty-two-kilometer climb of an extraordinary category.

3. of 2022 at 8:08 p.m., pspvek archived: 3. of 2022 at 11:33 p.m.

I used to live not far from here, so I know it here. So I’ll try again, to Richard Carapaz, the 17th overall classification cyclist.

Two other men will again be closely watched.

Let’s see what the dk air does with Evenepoel at 2,500 meters, pitched Niermann.

Yes, this is the darkness many have been looking for since the first week. First in all over 2000 meters, the Belgian could have the most problems.

And first there the Vuelta m.

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