Svechnikov signed in San Jose. Will he succeed?

Svechnikov signed in San Jose. Will he succeed?
Svechnikov signed in San Jose. Will he succeed?

He was drafted in the first round, so far he has not made a big dent in the world in the overseas NHL. After unsuccessful stints in Detroit and Winnipeg, Yevgenij Svechnikov will try it in San Jose.

Two brothers, two different destinies. While Andrej Svečnikov was drafted in second place in 2018 and subsequently started to show in Carolina why he was selected so high, his older brother still could not fully settle in the NHL.

Yevgeny Svechnikov was drafted 19th overall by Detroit in 2015 and had high hopes. The first three seasons went according to plan and the Russian forward slowly worked his way into the Red Wings system, but then a serious injury came and he missed the entire 2018/2019 season.

In the following two seasons, he tried in vain to establish himself in the first team of Detroit, so he decided to make a change and signed with Winnipeg before last season. He spent a whole year in the Canadian city and played 72 games in which he scored nineteen Canadian points. However, he did not receive a contract from the Jets for this season.

However, Yevgeny does not give up and intends to continue fighting to stay in the NHL. The 25-year-old striker agreed on a two-way contract with San Jose, in which he will definitely have a chance to make his mark. Will he get a stable place in the NHL here for the following years as well?

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