A British couple found a golden treasure under the floor. It is worth millions of crowns

A unique find was made in 2019 in the village of Ellerby in North Yorkshire. The treasure was only 15 centimeters under the floor of the house where the couple had lived for ten years. During repairs, they discovered a cup the size of a Coke can that was filled to the brim with coins, reports Wales Online.

After a thorough examination by an expert, it was found that the age of the coins is dated between 1610 and 1727, i.e. during the reigns of the kings James I. Stuart, Charles I. Stuart and George I. The couple contacted the London auction company Spink & Son, whose employee determined the value of the find .

The origin of the treasure was then traced to the mobile and important merchant family of Fernley-Maisters of Hull. This family traded in iron ore, coal and timber, and some of its members were also members of the British Parliament in the early 18th century.

One of the records

“This is a fascinating and very significant discovery. The find includes over 260 coins, it is one of the British archaeological records,” said auctioneer Gregory Edmund. He added that the couple never used a metal detector, they were simply changing the floor and the treasure was first for an electric cable.

According to an employee of the auction company, however, it is a mystery why the original owners of the coins decided to hide their fortunes in the 18th century when banks existed. Edmund believes that this points to the difficult economic situation of the time.

“As a coin specialist, I cannot recall any similar find. So it is an extreme honor for me to be able to document him for future generations,” added Edmund. The treasure will be auctioned this October.

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