New York beware, a rebel challenges number one. That’s why we play tennis, t with Kyrgios

Not even a month has passed since their last mutual duel. In the second round of the prestigious tournament in Montreal, the Australian bowler confirmed that he is good at Russian soup.

He beat the current world number 1 in the first leg of the tournament, this time 6:7, 6:4 and 6:2.

In key moments, he behaved more confidently, he did not use the incitement to complicity. It was tight, I could have easily won, he was moving towards the portion of Medvedv.

Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedv.

A year ago, he won his first Grand Slam title in New York. In the final, he showed machine performance with a minimum of mistakes and did not allow even a set to the favored Novak Djokovic.

Monday morning (1:00 a.m. SE) will be played by a lot. If he is eliminated in the round of 16, it will not only be a matter of defending the Polish triumph, but also the ATP championship.

The native of Moscow realizes that he has to show the absolute maximum. In recent months, Kyrgios has performed the best in his career. At the age of twenty-seven, he began to fully show his potential.

Although he still can’t control his emotions on the court, he relaxes his concentration, discusses decisions, and with the help of his own darkness and asthma, he divides the public into two halves, but at the same time he puts high demands on himself. He wants to show that he is not just a rebel and a pushover who only takes tennis as a hobby

Even when he swept home Wolf smoothly 6:4, 6:2 and 6:3 in this round, he was not fully satisfied with the game he played. I would have found about twenty moments that I could have saved better, he claimed at the press conference.

Even Medvedv remembers the changes in his approach: At two, we all knew that he would beat me and prove a great thing. I have a great service, I have great talent in it. But you have to act like a real professional.

Kyrgios’ investment is paying off. He played in the Wimbledon final, celebrated his first title of the season in Washington and made it to the quarterfinals in Montreal.

He never advanced to the top 10 at the US Open. But that certainly does not mean that he is satisfied. He didn’t want to ride, he wants vc.

I have a clear given tactic that I intend to use. And when does it not work out? There is no shame in losing to Daniil. But I’ve never been in such shape. Urit mm anci, declared the determined Australian.

He will be in his prime at Arthur Ashe Stadium. To sing out in front of full stands and with millions of viewers watching TV screens is absolutely amazing.

Every athlete wants something like that, because that’s how we play tennis. First of all, I pick up a racket every day because of them, that’s why I work so hard.

In New York, pib-egg rounds are very popular. The 20-year-old Russian, who confidently assumes the role of the main favorite for the overall championship, is similarly divided.

I can’t think of much else I could glue. If I continue in similar actions, I can fall asleep again, in the world of one.

Daniil Medvedv in the second round match at the US Open.

Before Monday’s fight, they exchanged words of appreciation. I really respect Nick. He’s a little different than the others, but I don’t judge him. We’re fine, but we’ve never been to a bar together, Medvedv smiled.

We haven’t fought on the court yet, but that can change at any time. We are both very emotional. Who in what the future holds, he added.

The battle of two personalities of contemporary tennis promises an extraordinary attractive floor. Fans in Flushing Meadows and around the world are in for a treat.

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