Big task for the Red Wings. They have to sign Larkin

Big task for the Red Wings. They have to sign Larkin
Big task for the Red Wings. They have to sign Larkin

In the NHL, managers hardly ever rest. Just as the biggest rumble of the free agent period ended, negotiations with fighters who are entering the final years of their contracts suddenly begin. Detroit captain Dylan Larkin also belongs to this category.

The 26-year-old fighter signed the last pact for five seasons in 2018. So the Red Wings don’t necessarily have to rush anywhere, but the two sides are said to be exchanging ideas since mid-July.

Why so soon? To avoid inconvenience and at best manage to sign the contract before the start of the season. Apparently, this will not be possible, Yzerman and Larkin’s representatives obviously have different ideas.

Larkin is having one of his best seasons, producing nearly a point per game in 71 games, ending up with 69. All this under a contract worth $6.1 million a year. It is so clear that he will improve. No one would be surprised if Larkin was heading for nine million.

Such Sam Reinhart signed a contract for 6.5 million dollars. Why do we mention him? Because they have almost identical stats to Larkin.

Reinhart scored 167 goals and added 210 assists in 532 games, while Larkin had 147 goals and 211 assists in 504 games. Both averaged 0.71 points per game and come from the same 2014 draft.

If the negotiations drag on for the entire season, it can be expected that the performances in it will affect the amount of the contract. Not so, but its length, it is generally expected to be the longest possible, i.e. eight years.

It’s safe to say that Larkin will probably get what he wants. He is the captain and the face of the team, in addition, he is a native of Michigan and has expressed several times that he wants to spend his entire career with the Red Wings. And Detroit has no reason to let him go. The question is how long it will take for Detroit boss Steve Yzerman to figure out the right contract.

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