Rosicky pull! Please refund us for this! How are fans reacting to another Sparta loss?

Rosicky pull! Please refund us for this! How are fans reacting to another Sparta loss?
Rosicky pull! Please refund us for this! How are fans reacting to another Sparta loss?

Sparta failed to win the third match in a row, when they drew 0:0 with weak Zlín at home. A big wave of criticism is pouring in on the players, coach Brian Priske admits that it is not appropriate to talk about the title now. Letná is once again busy.

Just when it seemed that Sparta was rising, another blow came. Three to be exact. After three wins over Budějovice, Olomouc and Boleslav came draws with Bohemians, Jablonec and Zlín. That is, nothing with rivals playing for the title or cups.

Sparta is already losing 4 points to Pilsen, 3 to Slavia, and both teams have games to play. If they manage them, the Leten team will lose 7 and 6 points after seven rounds. This is a really big problem.

In addition, there is also a game display elsewhere, especially with Slavia, who are rolling their opponents and have already scored 24 goals. Sparta is struggling in the game and was even booed by its own fans against Zlín.

“We’re definitely fumbling at the moment. We’re not winning and we have to look at it that way. On the other hand, I am not concentrating on the next 30 rounds, but on one round, and that is the match in Teplice. You, the fans and other people can talk in the longer term as far as the league is concerned.” said coach Priske at the press conference.

“At the moment, there is no debate about whether we will have the title on the spot, because we see the results of Pilsen and Slavia, that is, our competitors. We are really not doing well at the moment. My job is to improve the players I have in the squad,” adds the Danish coach.

At the same time, the question arises whether Priske is satisfied with his staff. He won’t say it publicly, but it can be read from his answers that he could still imagine a few reinforcements according to his taste.

“We always build and form a team with the players we have available. I apologize for that, but I don’t want to discuss a larger analysis of what the team is like, what it should be stronger in, how we would like to strengthen, what we lack in the public space. My primary task is to work with the players available to me,” says the coach.

At the same time, he answers the question of whether he lacks more courageous players capable of going one-on-one.

“I agree in that respect. It’s one of the things we’re missing. We miss Péša, Šulo, Krejčí. These are the players who dare to fight one-on-one. At the same time, the team’s best striker Adam Hložek left, Dávid Hancko left us during the season. Of course, I also include Bořek Dočkal, who ended his career. These are players who are all very strong individually that we don’t have in the squad at the moment.” Prisca despairs.

Source: AC Sparta Prague

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