Pardubice – Olomouc 0:2, the home team is still at the bottom, they were defeated by Pokorn and Russia

Pardubice – Olomouc 0:2, the home team is still at the bottom, they were defeated by Pokorn and Russia
Pardubice – Olomouc 0:2, the home team is still at the bottom, they were defeated by Pokorn and Russia

The visitors lost the second match under former coach Pavel Nmek and remained last after a quarter of the league. For Sigma, it was the first victory since the water bike, when she won in Ostrava. Since then she has won only one point.

In a situation worthy of dueling and a valuable win from the outside. On the other hand, it’s totally deserved, even if I get away with it. The final result could have been much higher, it certainly deserved it, because we had a large number of players, coach Hank Vclav Jlek said at the press conference.

At five minutes, Olomouc threatened, Chytil headed in the center of Zmrzlho, goalkeeper Markovi made a quick save. That’s how Pardubice lost, but the crimson ball in front of the goal did not reach Mare’s pass.


We watched the match minute by minute.

They created only a guest in the water event. Stopper Pokorn shot for a corner, but defender Rosa kicked the ball home. Pot managed Markov with Chvtal’s stele and Chytil headed to the tye.

In the 37th minute, Rosa fouled Vodhnla from behind and saw a yellow card. After the impact of the video decision and after reviewing the repeated shots, however, the judge Hocek changed his original verdict and, to the surprise of the Pardubice games, the 21-year-old Brazilian was also expelled from the German coach. Because of my position, I didn’t say red. He decided that it wasn’t a classic kick in the leg, but that he had pinched his achilles. This is how it was derived for us, said Rsek.

Sigma used the pacifier in the second minute of the set water event. Marko pulled out the Russian head only to the arriving Pokornmo, who did not lie. The 50-year-old stopper, who recently came to Olomouc from Ostrava, scored the first goal of the league season. Perhaps the biggest turning point was the goal at the end of the first half, not the red card, Nmeek pointed out.

After a few seconds, Rsek headed into the box and Chytil into Markov’s chest. The home goal then brought out the rna Stdajcho Matouk on the goal and Ršek poked it from the goal. He didn’t even give Rskva an attempt with his head and pushed Navrtil’s stele into Marko’s corner.

Clearing up the goal for Hanky, Pidal and in the 76th minute, Ršek, only crossed Markovie from the net. He played first in the league. I gave a bevno and today two tye in the opposite Hradec. I hope I broke it, said Rzek. The result could have been corrected by stdaj Lima, who, however, pestered with a long shot from behind the goal posts.

Olomouc beat Pardubice consecutively in the league and did not lose to them in any of the matches in the league. The visitors have the worst flow in the league with these goals and the weakest defense with 19 conceded goals.

I am disappointed not only by the results, but also by the games leading to a red card. Olomouc has created several ancs, which means that we certainly haven’t been busy for a long time. We could have been a dangerous prospect, said Nmeek.

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