FOOTBALL ONLINE: Penalty! Slavia equalized the score. Kangaroos robbed in Brno

Hradec Králové hosted Ostrava in the asylum in Mladá Boleslav and after three consecutive wins lost the points after a 0:0 draw. The home team played without the suspended Novotný from the 55th minute, but Baník did not use the power play and did not win in the last four rounds and did not score fully nine times in a row away from home in the league.

Sigma from Olomouc used the long advantage of one player and leads three points from Ďolíček in Vršovice, where they beat the last Pardubice. The East Bohemians, after a long period of weakness after the expulsion of Bernard Rosa in the 39th minute, lost the fourth round in a row, Sigma, on the other hand, won after five. Jakub Pokorný and Antonín Růsek took care of the goals after the change of sides.

In a way, it’s funny when it doesn’t concern you, Hašek recalls in Přímák a bizarre situation from the engagement in PardubiceVideo:

Before Sunday’s game in Brno, Bohemians did not win three rounds in a row, but they scored points every time away and did it again. David Puškáč put them in the lead right from the start, and Antonín Křapka increased the lead before halftime. In the second half, Michal Ševčík reduced the score to 1:2, but that was all from the home team. Zbrojovka did not defeat the Kangaroos in the league for the seventh time in a row.

Sišivani are playing in a battle between two participants of the Conference League in Slovácko. In the table, Prague are second behind champions Pilsen. For Slavia, the duel is a warm-up for the match with Sivasspor, Slovácko will also host Partizan Belgrade on Thursday.

Slavia won five rounds in a row and with 24 goals scored they have the best attack in the league and with four conceded goals they also have the best defense together with Pilsen. The people of Prague defeated Slovácko in the top competition five times in a row. The team from Uherské Hradiště lost in the last two rounds.

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