I cannot imagine another loss, warns Vrba. What reinforcement would you like?

How do you rate the draw with Hradec Králové?

We lost two points. It’s nice that we have maintained the quality from the away games, but if we don’t confirm it at home, it will be bad. The points against Hradec are probably not enough, we should have won for that.

Even so, you could have lost in the end, the opponent’s stopper Filip Čihák had a 100% chance in the set-up, which was caught by Jan Laštůvka.

Photo: Radek Petrášek, CTK

Goalkeeper Jan Laštůvka from Ostrava.Photo: Radek PetrašekCTK

Yes, in the last minute the opponent had a great opportunity after a standard situation, it could have turned out even worse. But it bothers me far more that we had many well-started situations that we did not finish. If we don’t improve, we won’t be able to win. We need to improve the interlude before the final stage. If we don’t succeed, it will be very difficult.

How did you feel after the mentioned situation?

We knew that the opponent has very good situations and is very strong in them. It was probably their only scoring opportunity, which made me feel even worse. On the other hand, we had more chances, which makes me even more sorry that we couldn’t score a goal.

Hradec played by ten from the 55th minute, but your first substitution came less than 20 minutes later. Why didn’t you reach for the lineup sooner?

Even against eleven, we didn’t play badly and I didn’t want to interfere too much in the lineup, because the match had a tempo. We were able to create opportunities and I believed in the chosen line-up. I was hoping that she would score the goal.

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Law

Coach of Baník Ostrava Pavel Vrba during the match with Hradec Králové.Photo: Vlastimil VacekRight

What was missing for Baník to succeed in the power play?

To speed up the game and simplify the game and go to a higher quality.

Ostrava fell to 14th place, in the next round they host the last Pardubice. What do you expect from the duel?

Every match is important for us. As we always want to win, we also owe a lot to the home fans. I can’t imagine we should lose any points. Of course it can happen, but I don’t know what will happen after that. The match is of course very important for us. We know we messed up a lot, so we have a lot to fix.

Photo: Radek Petrášek, CTK

From the left, Ladislav Takács from Ostrava and Matěj Ryneš from Hradec Králové.Photo: Radek PetrašekCTK

The last days of the transfer window remain, should we expect any more changes in Baník’s squad?

We haven’t talked about leaving yet. We are working on the arrival of some players. Jakub Hora’s name was also mentioned, but I don’t know about the specific meeting.

Can you at least reveal the type of player you would like?

Lewandowski (laughs). There are not 150 footballers on the Czech market from which we can choose. We know we need to strengthen certain posts. But because some clubs have qualified for the European Cups and others are higher in the table than us, maybe for players who can play against Barcelona or Bayern, the willingness to move to Baník is not as great as if they were not playing in the Champions League. Of course we are talking about a few names, we still have three days to do everything. But I’m not going to tell you today that we’ve got someone signed and he shows up at training tomorrow.

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