Forgotten Putin’s “embarrassment”. Blood would not be cut in his subordinates

Forgotten Putin’s “embarrassment”. Blood would not be cut in his subordinates
Forgotten Putin’s “embarrassment”. Blood would not be cut in his subordinates

The Russian president is often shown in full force – for example, riding a horse shirtless. However, a number of unpleasant embarrassments have happened to Vladimir Putin during his political career. Twice he was let down by first class Russian machines, once even by his own body. Cameras caught Putin’s awkward moments.

Whoops. Is this the most modern Russian car?

Military officials presented the latest Russian technology and equipment to Vladimir Putin in Sochi in 2016. General Alexander Shevchenko wanted to show the Russian president a specially built armored SUV model.

But when Putin was unable to open the door, the general went to help him. He tugged on the door handle until it broke. Then he threw her through the open window into the passenger seat. He reached in and tried to open the door from the inside. But that didn’t work either. Finally he had to open the back door. But it is not clear whether Putin eventually joined them.

Putin failed to start the new Russian car. He didn’t even open the trunk

Machine failures have occurred before, in 2011 at the Togliatti plant. Vladimir Putin wanted to support the new model of the Russian car Lada Granta. But when he got into the car and tried to start it, Lady’s engine wouldn’t start. The Russian president had to try the start several times. In the end, only the head of the company, Igor Komarov, helped him.

But Vladimir Putin did not let the new model of the Russian car be embarrassed and took the blame on himself. “The mistake was on my side, I stepped on the gas too quickly,” the president later apologized. But the car failed again when Putin failed to open the trunk. Even the managers of the car company helped him with it.

Ice accident. Putin fell on his head while playing hockey

But it wasn’t only the machines that betrayed Vladimir Putin. Even his own body disobeyed him during ice hockey in 2019. While visiting Sochi, he played a match with the stars of the Soviet golden era and Russian players who were active in the NHL.

He waved to enthusiastic fans while skating. But suddenly he tripped and fell on his head. But nothing happened to the Russian president. His teammates helped him to his feet, and Putin seemed to be waving at his admirers.

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