A special rule. The referee’s intervention robbed the 200 kg Brazilian of victory and brought him a hard KO

A special rule. The referee’s intervention robbed the 200 kg Brazilian of victory and brought him a hard KO
A special rule. The referee’s intervention robbed the 200 kg Brazilian of victory and brought him a hard KO

Brazilian Wagner da Condeicao Martins, better known by the nickname “Zuluzinho”, has been active in the world of MMA for two decades. He started back in the days of the ultimate Vale Tudo matches, later he also looked into the ring of the cult Japanese organization PRIDE, but he never achieved significant success and attracted attention with a rather monstrous figure.

Even at the age of 44, the promoters are happy to invite the almost 200-kilogram Zuluzinho, because he can also attract the attention of the general public. He most recently headlined the AMC Fight Night 114 event in Minsk, Belarus, where he faced homegrown Petr Romankevich.

Although Zuluzinho was already short of breath when entering the cage, because the entire tournament took place in a huge outdoor stadium and the journey from the dressing room was really long. But when he managed to get the fight to the ground, he used a large weight advantage (he weighed 198 kg against his 105 kg opponent) and literally reached for the victory as he tried to put leverage on Romankevich’s arm and force him to tap out.

But what a surprise there was when the referee stepped in and let both fighters stand up. According to the standard rules, this shouldn’t happen if ground combat is active, which it certainly was here.

Romankevich was noticeably fresher in his stance and immediately hit a highkick. With another combination, he sent the Brazilian giant face down.

Foreign fans on social networks were furious and suspected the referee of betting on the match, etc. In the end, however, it turned out that the AMC Fight Nights organization recently introduced a rule according to which the fight is returned to the stance after one minute on the ground under all circumstances, even if one of the fighters had a choke hold at that moment. “I hope this rule will help revive Russian MMA,” commented head Kamil Gadzhiev.

It is true that fighting on the ground may not be very attractive for many spectators, but it is an integral part of MMA and the above rule not only discriminates against ground fighters, but essentially creates a new sports discipline and such matches should not even be included in their official balance sheet.

But Russian promoters are quite peculiar, for example the head of ACA Mairbek Khasiev is known, who recently stopped a match in progress because he was bored, or years ago he robbed Patrik Kincl of a valuable victory when he annulled his win over Agujev on the grounds that the referee had stopped the match too soon .

However, Zuluzinho still enjoyed participating in the spectacular tournament, where the well-known group tAT played to listen and dance, and is already looking forward to the next match. On September 24, he will appear in Poland at the MMA Attack event, where he will face the Senegalese “Bombadier” in the cage, which will be a battle of gigantic proportions.

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