Preview: Can Buffalo claw its way back to the top after years?

Preview: Can Buffalo claw its way back to the top after years?
Preview: Can Buffalo claw its way back to the top after years?

It’s been a really long wait. It’s not just Sabers fans who are starting to feel that the road just isn’t going this way. They do well for a while, boom, and then they don’t. But perhaps the upcoming year will be the key one that will move the traditional team into completely different waters.

Sometimes it’s good to ask yourself if they’re up to it. But for me, yes. Let’s take a look at the important players in the cabin.

Owen Power: He hasn’t played much yet, but he’s still deadly dangerous. With the number one pick of last year’s draft, we have noticed in the past information that plays into his cards. He himself proves that he will not be lost among the elite hockey players, which he proved at the world championship. He is a full back, suitable for both offensive and defensive work. In the future, he should become the main character of his team.

Rasmus Dahlin: He is still not at the peak of his potential, but he could very well reach it soon. The Swedish quarterback scored a very solid 53 points (13+40) in 80 games, but he still had a negative number of 22 in the plus/minus statistics. Buffalo’s supremely exploited hockey player will be a pillar especially for power plays.

Tage Thompson: Used to be an average striker, now indispensable. He had a breakout season and interest was rising. He signed a seven-year deal with the Sabers, securing a stable position in the roster. At the age of 24, he matured in a flash. He should probably still start with Victor Olofsson and Jeff Skiner.

Four young riflemen from the Czech Republic are otherwise active in the organization’s system. While Jakub Konečný, Matěj Pekař and Lukáš Rousek have been here for some time, Jiří Kulich is just settling in. He was already selected in the first round of this year’s draft, which is why everyone expects a lot from him.

And it doesn’t just end with them. Mančaft also has players such as Noah Östlund or JJ Peterka. Both are extremely talented as they are energetic on and off the ice. But everything will develop from the space that the Canadian-American competitions will get on the ice rinks.

What would we classify as strengths?

Well, apparently youth, youth and only youth. The team is being built for the next years, which was mainly driven by the departure of Jack Eichel. But the reconstruction is still far from complete. If everything falls into place, I think we’ll see something really strong in a few years. Names like Dahlin, Power or Savoie can quickly stir up the entire league.

What about weaknesses?

Insufficient strengths in the attack, inexperience in the defense and poorly occupied goalkeeper positions. Veteran between the three sticks Craig Anderson and his well-matched replacement Eric Comrie are not among the best, as are the mainstays in attack. The first line can flood, but so far the others can’t exactly keep up for the entire game.

Well, nothing is certain. However, the dream of progressing to the playoffs will require the sum of several circumstances at once.

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