For now, Xbox is holding its price, unlike PlayStation

In other words, this means that potential buyers will pay CZK 13,490 for the more powerful Xbox Series X, while the cheaper and smaller Xbox Series S version will cost CZK 7,999. In one breath, it is also appropriate to add that domestic retailers have both consoles in stock.

In the case of the competing PlayStation, on the other hand, the vast majority of sellers report being sold out. Some retailers have even stopped taking orders due to long delivery times, and state directly on their websites that Sony’s consoles will be in stock until next year.

On our continent, the price of both offered PlayStations increased by 50 euros, i.e. by more than 1,200 CZK. In the end, the Czech distribution was not so strict on the players, the prices increased by exactly one thousand kroner. Potential buyers will therefore now pay 11,790 CZK for the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition instead of the original 10,790 CZK.

The classic PlayStation 5 with an optical drive will cost CZK 14,490 instead of CZK 13,490.

PlayStation 5 will not make it to Christmas. Again

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What can cheaper next-generation consoles do?

The cheaper Xbox Series S is based on the design of the same concept as its little brother. Instead of black, the manufacturer opted for white, only the circular ventilation hole on the side is black. Compared to Xke, the novelty is also much more compact – it is narrower and at the same time lower.

The small novelty will offer a fast SSD unit with a capacity of 512 GB. The graphics core supports ray tracing, i.e. more faithful graphics. The console is able to render shadows, lights and highlights more naturally.

The Xbox Series S should have enough power to play at 1440p resolution, at up to 120 frames per second. Likewise, the console offers enough system resources to convert games from Full HD to 4K resolution (upscaling). However, the Series X console is more likely to be built for full-fledged gaming in 4K.

Introducing the low-cost Xbox Series S consoleVideo: archive of the manufacturer

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