Jagr on ice! His team won in front of a completely sold out arena

The Ondrej Nepela Arena was packed to the brim. The concentration of former and current NHL stars was unprecedented. Jagr’s team won over the home team 5:4.

The match had a charitable dimension and the organizers donate part of the entrance fee to support children with disabilities.

The Slovak media remind us that the stars performed a lot of tricks. Separate raids also followed. The team of the 50-year-old owner of the extra-league Rytíř Kladno succeeded in them as well.

Lubomír Višňovský led the home team into the fight in the role of captain. Most of the team was made up of players from the successful Gothenburg championship for Slovaks in 2002. In addition to the matadors, there were also representatives of the younger generation on both sides.

The match – as the Slovak media remind – took place only on the third attempt. The previous two planned meetings, for example also under the open sky in Špindlerův Mlýn, were canceled due to the pandemic. “We are glad that we finally played it out,” Slovakian media quotes Višňovský as saying.

In addition to the match, the actors could indulge in a round of golf. While Jakub Voráček and Robert Reichel were also present for this part, Jágr missed it.

Match of hockey legends in Bratislava:
Team Višňovský – Team Jagr 4:5 (0:3, 4:2, 0:0)
Goals: 31. Tatar, 34. Pucher, 34. Handzuš, 35. Pálffy – 2. Reichel, 9. Bednář, 14. Tlustý, 26. Bednář, 37. Brendl.
Team Višňovský: Lašák (30th Križan) – Višňovský, Podhradský, Lintner, Čierny, Sekeráš, Strbák, Sekera – Gáborík, Pálffy, Stümpel, Zedník, Marián Hossa, Marcel Hossa, Nagy, Handzuš, Kopecký, Uram, Vaic, Pucher, Pavlikovsky, Tatar. Trainers: Filc, Pokovic
Team Jágr: Pavelec (30. Mrázek) – Krajíček, Procházka, Pilař, Židlický, Jaroslav Nedvěd, Hronek – Jágr, Eliáš, Voráček, Irgl, Tlustý, Reichel, Varaďa, Bednář, Klíma, Brendl, Výborný. Coach: Ručinský

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