You sent it to me, Hamilton raged. He then apologized to the darkness in cli

You sent it to me, Hamilton raged. He then apologized to the darkness in cli
You sent it to me, Hamilton raged. He then apologized to the darkness in cli

I can’t believe that you sent it to me like that, Hamilton drove to the post in the last laps of the race. I’m really tired of you, he said.

Hamilton got off to a great start. Max Verstappen’s lead on the hard tires gradually ran out and he would try to attack him in tight laps.

Only sixteen laps before the end, the safety car of Valtteri Bottas came onto the track and Verstappen switched to soft tyres.

Rzem fell behind the pair of Mercedes, with this being placed in the first places, it only took one lap. So George Russell drove into the pits and went straight to the red set. Although Hamilton remained first, he had a tough fight with the arriving Verstappen from second place.

Mercedes did not like the Dutchman on the same hard tires, so he decided to leave Hamilton on the track in front of him. He loved his ability to protect the ldra ampiont.

His tires were five wheels old, leaving him on the track was the right decision, think of Toto Wolff.

If we had left both drivers on the track, Verstappen would have overtaken them both and we would have been friends. Lewis wouldn’t cheat on relationships. In the end, it didn’t work out for him, but I preferred to take the risk that we would win the seduction with Lewis, rather than to end up comrade and aunt, he explained.

It should be noted that the pit stop for Russell was not born from the heads of strategists. Sm Russell married him.

Verstappen overtook Hamilton in the very first lap after the slow-moving car entered the pits. The Briton’s dog got to drive his teammate Russell and Charles Leclerc, so Hamilton had to settle for fourth place.

After crossing the barrier, Hamilton congratulated his mechanics, praised them for their pit stops, and said that as a team they won a point.

In cli, he then talked to the newspaper about the harsh words he uttered to the darkness in the beast of seduction.

I don’t even remember what I said, I just lost my temper. I was on the verge of emotion, I apologize for that, taking the words back.

I was really hoping that as a team we would be able to finish first and second. We had it within reach, but the safety car was full. If it weren’t for him, we would have attacked Verstappen for the lead, no one else could do that, he said, praising the car’s speed.

Hamilton did not add his 104th race in Formula 1. He will have another chance on Sunday in Monza at the Italian Grand Prix.

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