They want a hundred billion. The owners of United are willing to sell the club for a hefty sum

The famous Manchester United is really for sale. The Glazer family, which owns the traditional club, is willing to sell the entire Red Devils. However, a potential interested party would have to dig very deep into their pockets. The amount that the current owners want to collect is in the order of tens of billions. They say they could succeed with their offer on the Arabian Peninsula. For example, with the rich sheikhs from Dubai.

Manchester football fans may be in for a change. The owners of the club, the Glazer family, led by brothers Joel and Avram Glazer, who are a thorn in the side of many Red Devils supporters, are said to be thinking more and more seriously about selling the club.

In order to give up, United are reportedly looking to cash in a hefty sum. According to behind-the-scenes sources and Daily Mail reports, they intend to sell the team from Old Trafford for approximately 3.75 billion pounds, which is around 100 billion crowns.

Rich sheikhs from the United Arab Emirates or Jim Ratcliffe, the richest Briton who supports Manchester and recently failed to buy rivals Chelsea, could be interested.

In the event that one of the investment groups from the UAE really bought the traditional English team, it would become another entity from the Arabian Peninsula to invest in English football.

The majority owner of Newcastle is the Public Investment Fund from Saudi Arabia, while the largest share in Manchester City is held by the City Football Group, which is largely owned by a group from Abu Dhabi.

Here’s how fans protested in the streets against United’s owners:

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