Plkov mastered the game to the highest level. You are also a crazy girl

Plkov mastered the game to the highest level. You are also a crazy girl
Plkov mastered the game to the highest level. You are also a crazy girl

That contrast struck a nerve. As is his custom, Plkov showed emotion and emotion during a long and athletically balanced day at the Louis Armstrong Stadium.

On the other hand, Azarenkov was swinging, banging her racket, kicking the barrier, staring at her weapons, fighting with decisions, even questioning the verdicts of the electronic system.

Plkov didn’t think about it: Did she really marry him? Vm gets angry and protests. In Madrid she searched, even when there were clear tracks in the clay. But I didn’t look at her here.

eka remained focused, song, bitter. In many cases, she pulled out a different one. She improved her record with the 30-year-old two-time Grand Slam champion to 5:4.

When she finished her work after those hours and two minutes, there was no dawn. She just clenched her fist, turned to her near side, smiled slightly and licked her eyes happily.

“I didn’t have time for a party,” Ertovna declared. I was really relieved. Also because I didn’t use the pr mebol before.

Of course the voltage dropped. From their subsequent years, I can see that even a loss of the gamut to 5:3 would not have broken the dream.

On the press, she talked about her living condition, and she asked me. In the wild, she respected the pevahu. You are a villa. She would recognize that I have a crown of glory behind me.

I played one of my best matches of the season. I thought the bar was really high. A lot of long vmn and long gam. Had some minor mistakes.

She returned very well. Stopballs are out. Perhaps, towards the end, the performance was a little down, which is understandable, because the race was very strenuous.

I was sorry to lose the second hundred, although I was close in it. Of course, I would rather win in two. But I relaxed before that. I decided that I would fight with my strength for the time being.

The statistics testify to the quality of his performances. She spat out 53 critical holes, made 36 unforced errors. She saved 11 of 14 break points. This year, she won 12 out of 17 matches that ended in a tie.

When Leo Friedl remembered that she could push the horse with her forehand, it was weak. Otherwise, he couldn’t have had much anger.

In the past few days in New York, Plkov had explained openly that twenty years were taking their toll on her and that she had injuries, two of which she had no idea about.

On Monday, however, she said that not long ago, the sweat with her foot had passed. e is fit. With the progress of the spider, his self-confidence is strengthened: Pipad mi, even if I choose the right one at the end, that I don’t panic.

During the interview in the background of Ashe Stadium, she did not know whether she would meet the American Collins or the Blorussian Sabalenkova in the quarterfinals.

I don’t really care. Both are the kind of women I haven’t met here this year. Perhaps Collinsov is crazy, not Sabalenkov. But I beat both. Mm anci.

It wasn’t her sponsor who brought her from Flushing Meadows to his Manhattan hotel, hoping to meet the muscular Blorussian within thirty months.

trtvtfinle is fine. But of course I want to go further.

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