RAJNOCH’S GLOSSARY: Torment of Sparta and Miner? What is missing is a player who would give it order and thought

I’ll start with Sparta, which last year presented a new identity, new jerseys, merch. They work very well with the fans at Letná, which is confirmed by the visits. It’s just that I’m still missing some identity of the Spartan game and the question is why it doesn’t work. But if you start the Spartan match at the 20th minute or the 70th minute, it’s still the same picture. Unnecessary passes to the side or backwards, I lack more enthusiasm there, the will to fight, to get into it head on, to simplify the game.

However, there are times when the result is more important than the game. And Slavia, for example, can fight it out, when things don’t go well in the game, they can break the opponent. And Sparta is not doing well. He is paying for the fact that he does not have a player who can make a key final or pre-final pass. There are enough finishers, but they have to get some service. Maybe the way is to let the opponent play a little, because when the opponent closes the defense and did it at Letná Bohemko and Zlín, then Sparta had a problem. Both games ended in a draw and it is clear that these losses hurt the Spartans a lot.

The question is, of course, whether all the players have what it takes to be at Letná. The situations I talked about are repeated. Losing points can happen, it happened to Slavia with Karvina, for example, but Sparta’s performance is too much. The team marked the departure of Hložko, Hancko and also the end of Dočkal. I think he would suit Sparta at such a moment. The team can’t even help themselves with a set piece, and Letenský really had enough of them. It seems to me that Baník Ostrava is the same. I also don’t see a player there who would give order and thought to the game, or somehow drag down his teammates, and Honzo Laštůvka can’t do it himself from the goal.

Baník was always proud of the fact that his children played for him, now he had two in his lineup. When I started against Ostrava, it was a different Baník with a lot of youngsters (Baroš, Bystroň, Lička, Varadi, Besta, Matušovič, Bolf, Magera and especially Slončík and Lukeš, icons of the club) and he commanded enormous respect. Now Baník is an average club that doesn’t really know what to play and actually maybe doesn’t even know which direction to go. Mr. Brabec saved Baník and helped him terribly, now we need to know what to do next. From what I’ve heard, there’s a management problem. Mr. Grussmann lifted Opava in the past, he has a great name, overview and experience, but here his hands are tied and his competences are unfortunately not that extensive and someone else decides…

Where, on the other hand, I see experience and a team riding on a wave, that is Pilsen. She classically won by a goal, this time in Liberec, which warmed Viktorka, but it was not enough. Michal Bílek’s team got into a winning mood for Wednesday’s match in Barcelona in the Champions League, I would like Pilsen to get a good result at Camp Nou. The first rounds in the groups always bring some surprises, moreover, it has been thirty years since Barcelona was defeated by Sparta. It would be great to follow up on it, maybe a miracle will happen.

I can’t even forget Slovácko’s hit with Slavia, it was a European-level match that probably deservedly ended in a draw. But both teams could win. There was a lot of talk about the penalty from which Slavia equalized. Michal Kadlec admitted that he accidentally stretched the player, the question is whether it was all in the lime. The referee came to explain everything after the match. The same goes for the second questionable situation, when Slavia also wanted a penalty for the hand. The interpretation of the rules about playing hands gives the referee room, he can defend everything. Disputed situations in the penalty area were also resolved in the matches between Sparta and Zlín and Hradec and Baník. We’ll see what the Judges’ Commission thinks.

But now I’m looking forward to the Czech teams in European cups. Pilsen is waiting for a holiday in Barcelona on Wednesday, Slavia will also play in Turkey, when they will face Sivasspor in the Conference League, in which I worked for two years and have fond memories of. At home, Slovácko will play against Partizan. I’m very curious about that, but the home team with great fans behind them can trouble anyone and it’s a big event for the whole region. I will of course keep my fingers crossed for all the Czech teams. I believe that they will confirm that Czech football is not so bad.

Jan Rajnoch

Former Czech professional footballer who has fifteen starts for the national team. The Sparta native, who started as a defensive midfielder or defender, also played in the top competition for Bohemians, Mlada Boleslav, Liberec and Olomouc, and also tried out for foreign clubs in Germany (Cottbus) and Turkey (MKE Ankaragücü, Sivasspor and Adana Demirspor). He is currently a football expert on O2 TV, head of OFS Praha Západ, coach of Motorlet B in the regional championship, plays for Real TOP Prague and club Jíloviště in IA class.

The article is in Czech

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