epa on the Vuelt: The crisis was in the first week. I’m looking for a recipe for the right one

epa on the Vuelt: The crisis was in the first week. I’m looking for a recipe for the right one
epa on the Vuelt: The crisis was in the first week. I’m looking for a recipe for the right one

You are on the Vuelt for the eighteenth day. What about such a reaction to your body?
U zan be tired. But that’s probably completely normal. I hope that half of the peloton is like that, that it’s not just my problem. The only thing I’m struggling with here is my heart rate, it dropped a lot. But I know that after a long Monday rest, I will be a little more competitive again in the five six stages.

Did that happen to you too, that your heart rate dropped?
No. And it’s not even a single problem, nothing dangerous. It’s the same for the others, the frequency will drop a little with the increasing tide. Some things I have yet to know. Even my body has to get used to it, it’s not the same as when I had no problem driving 200 paces at the stop of the Vuelta in Holland.

How much do you get?
Bad for the stage. It dropped by about 15 to 20 beats.

Similarly, Leopold Knig told me during his debut at the Vuelt 2013 that both the body and the head are just getting used to the first Grand Tour, how to work with the day-to-day temptation and the crises, which during it are more difficult for everyone. Even on you u urit saw, eh?
One hundred percent it is. I had my worst crisis in the very first week, two days after my fall (to which it fell in the beast of the 4th stage). The body and defense muscles then needed some time to regenerate. When reaching the hill in six stages, the side was crossed and in addition there was a 15-kilometer climb. That’s when I thought to myself: If it’s going to look like this for a long time, I don’t know if I’ll see Madrid.

You are much better at him.
Since then – I should probably knock it – I haven’t had such a crisis. I’m a little disappointed though that I can’t get into sleep mode. I tested you on Sunday right from the start of the stage. I thought to myself: I’m in a good group with Nibali, Dennis and Carthy, it has to work out. But our peloton reached, and then about 20 people got on from it, and only those actually left. That’s what happened to me during the Vuelta with sweat or confirmation. He gave a physical crisis in the style that I would not be seduced, on the contrary, avoid me.

In the mountain stages, he even ranks in the first half of the field, which indicates that you are on it for a relatively long time. Do not go anywhere in the group at the end of the drain.
No, I definitely didn’t have such a crisis in the second week that I had to go in a group because of it. Maybe it’s just a long crisis in the style that no one will succeed.

It seems that Kern Pharma has a relatively free hand in this regard.
Now yes. When no one succeeds, we have only one round left: take Jos Felix Parra, who is in the top 50 and 6th among the youngsters, under the last hill in better positions, which is a good result for our team in the first Grand Tour. Otherwise, we all have a free hand here and we are not particularly bound by it.

How is the mood in the dark? After the three-time withdrawal of your riders due to covid, which happened last Wednesday, she certainly wasn’t very good.
But today (= on Monday) we had a test evaluated during a long day off and we are all negative. At lunch, I was drinking that, led by the team, the results of the test were the same as if we had won the stage. They had such joy, no one gave them a home. On the contrary, the past week was nothing short of pleasant. In the eleven stages, when those boys were not allowed to start, almost no one from the darkness was head over heels. There was even a question as to whether the customs officer would be able to travel further.

Why did you have so many positive tests?
We had those positive antigen tests during the full test last Monday. If the boys then undergo PCR tests, they still remain positive after them. But all of you later started in the turn of the race.

Why didn’t they have a viral nlo on the PCR tests?
Yes. After a while, the doctor decided that one of the boys would go home, because he was really sick and it wasn’t getting better. The organizers just wanted us to undergo one control antigen test that day. And as a result, they had to give the house two boys, even though they had no symptoms of covid and were healthy. It was sad that the organizers decided like this just on the basis of another antigen test. Maybe because we were the first team, it’s like this (massive) broke out. The organizers had no idea what to do with it. They changed views and rules a lot, that’s why we were quite upset about it.

So, do you adhere to the view that the minimum amount of the virus in the body should be taken into account?
We try to ensure that the team’s doctor should be responsible for deciding what to do in the seduction, because they are the experts, and each team tries to give its seductress only the best and wants to keep them safe. If such a doctor recognizes that the seductress is sick and is a danger to the other boys or himself, I should decide to send him home. In my opinion, the road leads this way, the dog is the personal responsibility of the rider and the team’s doctor.

There have been opinions that the covid testing program on bicycle ramps should be completely cancelled. Are you in favor?

Is it possible to test only those who will show signs of the disease?
So. For example, when I learned that Honza Hirt resigned due to covid, I said to my team: I had fun with him, please test me. This is about personal responsibility. In the same way, when you read h, you ask for a test. But the full crop test doesn’t seem like the right choice to me.

Were you surprised to ride it on your first Grand Tour?
Especially the way you make yourself here. It’s a given and a fact that these teams are fighting hard for points in the World Tour this year because of the strikes, and are therefore much more aggressive. Originally, I thought that at the Grand Tour it could take place in such a way that the day is relatively well formed, then the lead is controlled and later the lead to the finish line. It just seems to me that there are two different leads in the middle of the stages. One of them is seducing a nobody…

… which takes you even 80 kilometers.
Song like that. And then there is a kind of seduction of the first fifteen people from the overall order. I’m a little disappointed about that, because the right person is avoiding me. That city (in the 11th flat stage), in which I found myself, I do not know, because it was not one of the category of exhibits for continental darkness. Otherwise, unfortunately, I won’t be able to find the right recipe to get into the right niche and go for a stage or some nice result.

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For example, the seventeenth stage with a goal of the first kind of category offers a suitable turn for a rush from nowhere, right?
Urite. Here, almost every day, no one came to customs, except for a few exhibits. It is mostly a group of around 15-year-olds, and they are not from second-division teams.

But on the contrary, Carapaz, Hindley and gave stars.
First I’ve never done that anywhere else before, such a double ride during a single day, when no one is ready for an hour and a half.

You are also watching the fight for the title of the Vuelta a la Leton. How do you rate him?
While we were having fun, Evenepoel surprised a lot of people on Sunday, and showed with his performance that he is going for the red jersey. After losing almost 50 seconds on Saturday, it looked like Sierra Nevada was going to cut Rogli, but Remco hit it. Opt let us know that he is currently one of the best cyclists in the world. And I know right away that the first birds are Evenepoel, Rodriguez and Ayuso, all my peers.

What motivates you?
Yes. And it’s rough, it’s motivation. I don’t know that I will ever be among them, but when I think about how I met Nibali on the last hill on Sunday, who is not so much about the race here, it is clear evidence that a new generation is coming.

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