Zanme and Pilsen, where they introduced the first drug to the world. Barcelona vt esk champions

He asked the question: Which club raised the Golden Me from 2003? The reason was a photo with Pavel Nedvd.

Or: Which game in the nineties did he start for Betis and have anything in common with any of our opponents in the group? Yes, Michal Blek, the current coach of Viktoria Plzeň.

First with the Czech champion at home, Barcelona will enter the main group of the Champions League.

Plzeň put on their suits in the spring and set off for a beautiful adventure.


Find out when and where Plze is playing in group C

We will be here and there, defender Milan Havel said before his departure. For us, it is a reward for last season, when we won the title. Even for the work we do. I’m excited, and so will my family.

Plze really knew how to choose. Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan and Bayern Munich, who will meet in the basic groups, are among the most famous football clubs on the planet.

Barcelona, ​​with its two Camp Nou stadiums, is among the most famous. The group as a whole is beautiful, but the fact that we are in Barcelona is something that is not welcome, said Havel.

Plzeň is the champion in the League after all those years, then it met the famous team of Real Madrid. She is very fond of the Spanish giants – she played her first time in the Champions League in the fall of 2011 with Barcelona. Porka 0:2 away was not a shame.

Barcelona – Plzeň

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Decision: Visser – Vanyzere, Van Driessche (Vichni Belgium)

Likely lineups: Barcelona: Ter Stegen – Kound, Christensen, Piqu, Alba – De Jong, Busquets, Pedri – Raphinha, Lewandowski, Fati.

Please: Stank – Havel, Hejda, Pernica, Jemelka – Kalvach, Bucha – Skora, Vlkanova, Mosquera – Chor.

From the current squad, he remembers a member of Pila from the hit, Blko’s assistants Horvth and Bakoe and the sports editor Kol were on the hit.

We didn’t play much that time, even when the result was drinkable. As a player, I struggled then and so did I as a coach. Why would I be mad? Horvth responded. I know that the boys will sleep, not us. if you play football and we will sleep and what you get a point.

And such a liar?

Our team is very defensive and Barcelona don’t have to. I know that we will get their game into situations that will not be comfortable for them and we will be able to surprise them there.

It’s been a year in Plzeň. Surprisingly, she won the Czech league, passing through the tournament qualification with five wins and one tie. The last time Souten lost was in January of 2018 at Slavia (0:2).

Pilsen assistant coach Pavel Horvth answered the newspaper before leaving for Barcelona for the Champions League match.

The streak of invincibility lasts 30 years, but during that time it has not faced such a strong opponent as Barcelona.

The mood is great. let’s catch up, let’s win the league. Don’t worry, just focus on Barcelona, ​​Havel noted.

Of course we know it won’t be easy. We’ll probably survive without me. But we want to play like before. Remza would be great. We want to do our best and mess with them. They will fly in on us, they will get into it, attack me immediately after the destruction. We have to concentrate on every minute, not get lost in our heads and you will get something beautiful out of it.

Barcelona started the season with a goalless draw at home with Vallecano, then won the next four games, most recently in Seville 3:0.

Vm, we are ready. The reality of the hit is a bit different, it’s faster, Horvth said.

Pilsen defender Milan Havel answered the newspaper before leaving for Barcelona for the Champions League match.

Maybe the guys will expect a boisterous atmosphere, but I don’t think there is any hell to be a fan. A lot of people will be there, the stadium is huge, the hit will be optically great, Horvth recalled in the interview from June 2011.

The salvation itself will be completely different. I would draw attention to Raphinha, he is a huge reinforcement. Even when there is a moment, it is one of the keys to the game, who fights, Horvth realized.

Brazilian footballer Raphinha was bought from Leeds in the summer, Chelsea wanted him, but Barcelona paid her – they paid 58 million euros for him, about one and a half billion crowns.

On the other side, Demble, on top of Lewandowski, who scored five goals in the last league matches after his transfer from Bayern.

if they could replay the game and send those who didn’t play much for him? It’s also his first time in the group, playing at home. I don’t think they would trade six games. And even if they do, nothing will change for us, they will still be playing to the fullest, said Horvth.

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