Hec Satoransk in the room, two coffees. And then Vesel hit nine out of ten

Hec Satoransk in the room, two coffees. And then Vesel hit nine out of ten
Hec Satoransk in the room, two coffees. And then Vesel hit nine out of ten

Even in the home of the EuroBasket groups, they won their first win after the losses against Poland and Serbia, which is necessary for their hopes and self-confidence.

They did well in the first half, winning 50:27. However, in the second half, the opponents in Oran’s jerseys shot back and narrowed the lead to a 2-point difference. but despite the hectic nature, they looked at each other.

It was definitely nerve-wracking, but after Saturday’s match with the Serbs, we knew how we wanted to play, Vesel said at the press conference.

So how did you win against the Netherlands?
We controlled the defense and that made it much easier for us. we filled the wheels for almost fifty minutes, only at the end of the quarter we were looking for each other a little.

But the end of my life came out of nowhere.
The entire first half, we played concentratedly. That was also the turning point. Of course, we didn’t have the whole defense up by 100 points, the opponents opened the door soon after the break, but then they started to defend hard and were moving to the rescue. But that actually helped us towards further matches.

How was he active again after two losses?
No no (coach Ginzburg) tries to remind us from the beginning of the training, not the drill, but the mentality of how we play basketball. Bhav and speed And that’s where we were, we won the fight. This is how we played before at the World Championship or in qualifying for the Olympic Games. Nae militancy ns in tm, m we are. Hopefully we will continue to do so.

How did you personally feel in salvation?
Cool. I slept in the afternoon, but then I had two coffees and woke up. I’m with Saty (By Tom Satoranski) in the room, so he had been teasing him since morning. Pesto doesn’t play, so the only thing that helps us is that he is here with them.

What about his successor Ondej Sehnal and Tom Kyzlinka, who registered nine assists against the Netherlands?
Since Saty does not play, I also try to help others who are not used to you in such a position. Saty played for ten minutes, now someone has to replace him, which is not easy. I want to show the boys how to build a better curtain or find an open stele… And then Miego (Martin Peterka) in the corner for a triple (smv). We did a good job.

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