Sparta gave the competitors first points, now reinforcements

The kangaroos received previously announced reinforcements. Bohemians 1905 footballers were strengthened by striker Václav Drchal. The 23-year-old player will be visiting Ďolíček from Sparta until the end of the season, but Letenští can bring him back in advance during the winter break. The deal does not include a transfer option.

Drchala was troubled by health problems at the beginning of the summer preparations. At the start of the new season, he was not part of Sparta’s starting line-up and appeared as a substitute in four league matches. In the spring of last year, he was a guest in Dresden. In the Czech league, he has 49 starts and 12 goals for Sparta and Mladá Boleslav.

Hosting for Hložka? It’s too early for that, says the former Leverkusen player in PřímákVideo:

A decent Spartan colony was then formed in Jablonec. After Václav Sejko and Matěj Polidar, Vojtěch Patrák will also be a guest there. He will spend the current year in the north of Bohemia. This is a loan without an option, and Sparta will have the option to recall the 22-year-old striker in the winter.

Patrák played his first ever duel in the highest competition in 2020 on the ground of Pilsen. In the fall of the same year, he played in the Europa League against AC Milan. He spent the spring of 2021 on loan in Jihlava, and spent the spring half of last year in Pardubice, where he recorded 12 league matches and one goal. From the beginning of the summer training, he was plagued by injuries.

In Jablonec, he can form an attacking duo with Sejko, but Patrák can also play in the reserve. He will have his first opportunity on Sunday against Hradec.

“Of course, it’s easier for me when I have boys here. I asked Sejky before I went here, how it looks here. He said only positive things. So I went to Jablonec with an idea and everything was confirmed here. How background, so the teammates are great. So I’m happy that I’m here,” Patrák relishes.

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