Weird sight? Get used to it! NHL jerseys flood ads, Washington already has it sewn up

Weird sight? Get used to it! NHL jerseys flood ads, Washington already has it sewn up
Weird sight? Get used to it! NHL jerseys flood ads, Washington already has it sewn up

It rarely happens that the attention when talking to a professional hockey player attracts more attention than the clothing itself. That is, if you are not talking to David Pastrňák on your way to a match, he is already famous for his colorful suits. However, this is a different case. Hendrix Lapierre wore Washington’s 2022/23 jersey while meeting with overseas reporters. No, the Capitals aren’t making a nostalgic comeback along the lines of the Buffalo Sabers and their bison heads, the uproar caused something else on Lapierre’s jersey.

The logo is responsible for everything.

Small, easy to miss for someone with a color vision disorder from constantly staring at extraleague hangers for advertisements, which are passed off as the uniforms of local hockey clubs.

For Canadians and some Americans who know something about hockey history, it represents sacrilege. The NHL is entering a new era – from the 2022/23 season, it has allowed clubs to have up to two different sponsors on their jerseys.

In this way, the jerseys will no longer be trashed only by the manufacturer’s brand (German clothing giant Adidas), but also by the partners of individual organizations following the European model. This is due to the fact that the owners lost a significant part of their income due to the coronavirus crisis.

At least that’s what the quoted explanation sounds like, but many will rightly point out that the NHL has been planning to stitch ads for a long time.

The professional hockey league usually follows trends from other major sports competitions, and you can find sponsors already in the basketball NBA, specifically since 2017.

Lapierre has Caesars Sportsbook written on his chest, which will probably surprise few. Some time ago, Washington became the first club to announce the name of the selected sponsor (the second one for the away kit will be announced).

The question mark was how the ads, which can occupy only 7.6 centimeters by 8.9 centimeters (that is, the space roughly covered by a hockey card), would look like.

You can see the answer yourself. What do you say, will you get used to it? And would you buy a jersey of your favorite NHL players with an advertising patch?

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