Without Krejho and the trainer, who was slaving away. Is the underestimated Olomouc in danger?

Without Krejho and the trainer, who was slaving away. Is the underestimated Olomouc in danger?
Without Krejho and the trainer, who was slaving away. Is the underestimated Olomouc in danger?

Before the season, there were those who predicted a medal fight for Olomouc. They believed that the estaticitelet center would raise the fighting team to a new level. In the end, it was the end of the first round.

The bronze medalist from this summer’s world championship collected 46 points in 51 games in the starting lineup, he also controlled the team’s productivity in the playoffs (3+2). he made layups, he was paid for throw-ins, he managed to score moments. In short, complete service.

Several close matches were decided by the full court. He showed that there is a world of quality under the game. In addition, the others should have been able to watch him on the thorn every day, and that alone could have moved them, says Czech TV expert David Pospil.

There can be no doubt about Krej’s contribution to the team. He unleashed a hockey boom on Han. Thanks to me, the club became more visible, got new sponsors and invited fans.

will we miss him? About vm. There has never been a game like this. It is true that no one is irreplaceable, but that is not the case in his case, acknowledged coach and club manager Jan Tomajko.

But let’s not forget that Olomouc suffered the rest of the extra league before his departure. Zdenk Motk had great respect for the surprising results. Maybe a little sloppy, but definitely a quality and experienced trainer.

The first season after leaving Sparta, where he worked with Josef Jandae, he worked as an assistant to Zdek Vener. Together, they twice took the underrated team to the quarterfinals.

In 2020, the native of Ostrava took on the role of head coach, with the same authority as Tomajek at the conference. Both continued the established work of their predecessor. The Huns excelled in their hard work and ferocity.

Under the leadership of the coaching duo, they defeated favored Plzeň 3:0 in the preliminary round and did not stop Sparta in the top eight. In the regular season, they finished ninth, in the playoffs they lost to Vtkovice.

With the large amount of material he had at his disposal in Olomouc, Motk proved his visions. However, he did not want to take credit for the untimely rush. There are always only two guys with suggestions for what to do. Only they have to fill the ice.

But his work did not go without awards. The fifty-eight-year-old received an offer from one of the most prestigious extraliga addresses. In Tinc, who completed a championship hat-trick in May, he replaced Vclav Varau.

We made this decision because of his experience and the balance with which he approaches various problems. I like his style of work, said Jan Peterek, sports editor of Ocel.

Tomajko became independent from Han in the position of head coach. Boris abka will be at his side again, he just gathered coaching experience in Mlad Boleslav or with the Slovakian under-eight national team.

What can be expected after Motkov’s departure from Olomouc?

The same under that. Coherence, combativeness, darkness of power. Don’t ask them for anything else. They can hit the curl well, they can move it slightly, but they are determined not to stick together radically and make such a jump that they catch up to the first stick, Pospil said.

Hank’s activity on the foster market confirms his words. Together with Krejm, Vojtch Tomeek (Esk Budjovice), Vilm Burian (Prostjov) and Petr Kolouch (Graz 99ers) also took part. When making many new acquisitions, the club’s leadership followed the same principles as in the past.

They always look forward to a game that you don’t have in other clubs. Give them a chance to appear in important roles. And when you have 10 guys like that in your lineup, it shows on the ice, said Pospil.

Jakub Orsava from Hradec Krlov and Luk Andl from Pardubice also fall into this category. Pavel Musil, who returns to Olomouc after a two-year hiatus, should be an interesting addition.

It is not very clear in which distribution of tens of thousands of tons early into the action. For the last ronk, he managed only a tinct save, the rest wasted.

It always happened. Peten organism, covid, oekvn. The body reacted stupidly to it, it was exhausted. I slept fifteen hours a day and not even that much sleep gave me enough energy, he said in an interview for iDNES Premium.

Hope Han remembers his old form and renews two successful collaborations with Luke Klimek and Luke Nahodil. One above-average productive flow would be good for a defensively sound team.

The offense should be based on them, but it has to be read and given. When it doesn’t work, these guys have to take it and tear down the others, to Pospil.

Gunner Jan Ka will want to show that he can score goals even without Krejho. Captain Ji Ondruek was one of the most productive defenders in the world last year.

Olomouck Branislav Konrd in action against Vtkovice.

And let’s not forget the goalkeeper and Slovakian representative Branislav Konrd, who has been consistently performing for Olomouc since 2015.

It must all work out for them. Do not set the conditions of the shortcut in such a way that they could be shown on the game returning from abroad, explains the expert of Czech TV.

Recognize that when comparing the voices of all teams, the hockey public has a tendency to repeatedly underestimate Hanky. This time too, I will automatically join them in the fight for survival.

Olomouc, however, convinces doubters every year. We are a small club, a small club, with the smallest spread, and yet we have been doing bombs here for several years, said Motk before leaving for Tinca.

Can you deal with Hanci even without him and without Krej?

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