Behind the star in the best football far and wide: Good cigar, Heinz said

/VIDEO/ What do football celebrities do after their career ends? This time, the daily with its new series Pivo, párek and Liga mistrů went to Olomouc, where the city derby between Sigma Hodolany and Slovan Černovír was scheduled for the weekend. Former national team player Marek Heinz was one of the highlights of the big I. B class match.

Beer, sausage and the Champions League: The newspaper went to Marko Heinz’s match with a camera

| Video: Diary/Ivan Němeček

The author of the legendary direct goal from Euro 2004 into Germany’s net, just like everyone else, melted over the incredible atmosphere, which has no equivalent in the Czech Republic at a similar level. “It’s just a blast, something amazing,” described the 45-year-old former representative.

Last season, with the Hodolan team, he made the coveted promotion from the district to the regional competition. And after that, everyone was mainly interested in when Sigma will fight with Slovan from Chernovir, who has similarly fantastic fans.

Olomouc city derby between FC Sigma Hodolany TJ Slovan Černovír.

VIDEO: Tóčo in Hodolany! Derby with Černovír offered seven goals, choreo and pyro

The derby happened at the beginning of September. Decent weather attracted almost seven hundred fans. Kotle prepared chorea, pyro and loud songs. All in a friendly spirit. “A lot of people know each other, that’s how it should be in football. They support each other, they cheer, they are mainly here for football,” said Heinz.

He didn’t score a goal, but given the busy schedule, he wasn’t surprised.

“I shouldn’t say this, but I still played a match yesterday,” snapped the star.

In the unique video, you will learn not only that Hodolany celebrated the victory. See what the actors of the match and the fans said about the former player of Sigma Olomouc, Baník Ostrava, Galatasaray Istanbul, Hamburg, Mönchengladbach and Saint-Étienne.

Olomouc city derby between FC Sigma Hodolany TJ Slovan Černovír. Marek Heinz (left)

Heinz was blown away by the derby! What did the actors hit on the star?

Next time, we will go with the camera to the outskirts of Prague to Horní Počernice, where former Slav player Karel Piták plays for Xaverov alongside his son.

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