eka fought for a contract with the UFC. She won five leagues, but didn’t make it

eka fought for a contract with the UFC. She won five leagues, but didn’t make it
eka fought for a contract with the UFC. She won five leagues, but didn’t make it

A few Czech descents among the elite, along with teams with Jim Prochzka, David Dvok and Luci Pudilová on tech. The TV program Contender is based on the fact that the talented saviors have the opportunity to excel, but they must put on an attractive performance and end the duel as soon as possible.

Bled (skre 6-0) hit a total of 126 shots and, according to statistics, spent eleven out of fifteen minutes on the ground with clear control over the puck. Therefore, those who scored points won 30:26 on points (first round 10:9, second round 10:9, third round 10:8).

In the last half, Bled ended the duel with a knockout. She sent Maia (7-1) to the ground with a knee, she immediately whistled and tried to continue punching. Ringo’s decision reached between the women, but he changed his mind at the last moment, because the Brazilian woman started fighting again.

I’m sorry, but I’m just down because I didn’t expect such a development. I wanted to end it two, to have better control and to change positions better… I’m disappointed, answered Bled immediately after the fight.

A little criticism has already been heard by the commentator, the former two-time champion of half-weight and heavyweight Daniel Cormier said in the story: I really don’t know if it will be worth the contract. She didn’t cause so much code for the competition, she should have a lead in vc. I would like to see Bleda with someone on her level, so that she has to take risks. Only in this round did she start to use her hands more actively.

The fact is that Bled entered the cage as a big favorite. she opened the door with Maia’s kick, but after fifteen minutes, Bled mistimed the take-down and threw the Brazilian to the ground.

There was a jockeying for the dominant position, as she had to be careful not to allow the sokini a potential free space for her throat. In the end, she ended up alone on the walls and it took a while to get out of them. She won praise on TV for nothing.

She reported a health problem about the first seed Maiaov, asked the coach about it and had to convince the nurse to continue.

In the second round, the opponents exchanged a few punches in the stance, Bled managed a right hk, but Maiaov took her down. But there she soon swam into the stream, knocked his left hand and tried to hit his face with her right.

In this round at Bled there was a lot of certainty. Ubrnila made a take-down attempt, got the Brazilian on edge and didn’t let her disconnect. Konen started to be more active! Cormier exclaimed.

The rest of the time, even thanks to the constant knee hole, she looked at her without any problems, Maia’s leg was visible to her.

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Bled broke through to the Contender Series straight from the domestic organization Oktagon, where she collected five clear wins among professionals in just two years. Until then, she worked in the amateurs, and at the age of 18 she made a big splash when, under modified rules (fight in stance + takedowns), she successively defeated the Czechs Lucia Pudilova and Magdalena Ormová and Slovakian Lucia Szabová.

Pudilov entered the UFC in August as an experienced savior under the guidance of the famous boxer John Kavanagh, and in the bantamweight division up to 61.23 kg she won over Wu Ja-Nan.

Bled zpas in the test takes up to 65.8 kg. After a full mission in the United States, I wandered into the Octagon, where I held the champion dog.

A week ago, in the same event of the Conteder Series, he saved Matj Pez, the coach of Andrho Reinders, but he lost the duel with Amerian Dumas in the first minute on the throat.

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