Due to energy prices, the famous hockey club is moving to a hall for 1100 spectators

The Košice club stated that in the past season it paid almost half a million euros (over 12 million crowns) for the use of the Steel Arena, and 85 percent of the costs are the rental of the ice for youth teams. For the coming year, he signed a contract for 650,000 euros, but at current electricity prices, this amount would only be enough for roughly three months of operation of the hall. For renting the ice for the whole season, the amount could rise to two million euros (over 49 million crowns).

“However, this sum would be liquidating for the club and especially the youth teams. The club has a set budget, which has no chance to cope with such an enormous rent increase. The crisis solution is to move the training process of all teams to the Crow arena, where it will take place in a limited form.” stated the club, saying that it is looking for all possibilities to solve the situation. The Slovak Extra League will start in mid-September, the first home match awaits Košice in the second round on September 18 against Slovan Bratislava.

The head of Slovak hockey, Miroslav Šatan, fears that the increase in energy prices will threaten the functioning of several clubs. “We’ve had two tough years with covid, during which seasons have been interrupted several times. Now it looks like an energy crisis is on the horizon, as our ice surfaces are cooled by a huge amount of electricity. I think hockey may be in danger at the end of the year and the most affected sport in Slovakia,” Šatan told journalists today.

He discussed the situation with government representatives. “I believe that they are looking for a solution to overcome this. I believe that the competent people will find a solution,” said the former NHL star.

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