Report from the match Paris Saint-Germain – Juventus FC: statistics, report

Report from the match Paris Saint-Germain – Juventus FC: statistics, report
Report from the match Paris Saint-Germain – Juventus FC: statistics, report
The winner of Group H sounded better for favored PSG in the opening round of the main part of the Champions League. Kylian Mbappé, who scored twice in the first half, guided the home team to a three-point win. The visitors were only able to reduce the score shortly after the turnover, Weston McKennie scored. In any case, Juventus did not do a bad job, they certainly did not lag behind in terms of statistics.

The French club entered the match famously and took the lead in the 5th minute. Neymar sent a gentle arc from the center of the field into the penalty area, where Mbappé ran to, and he volleyed the ball uncompromisingly behind goalkeeper Perin. In the 19th minute, the Italian team also made their way to the first big chance, when Cuadrado found Milik in the box with his cross from the right. After that, Vlahovič and Kostic tried to push through from the goal post, but both Serbs were not in such a good position as Milik, so that even their shots were successful.

This throwing of the tut was perhaps a key moment for the subsequent course of the entire duel. Because the Parisians, although they did not dominate the field and did not assert themselves with any great regularity against a compact opponent, in the 22nd minute they showed how effective they can be and increased their lead. Verratti played the meruna roughly on the edge of the penalty area, from there Mbappé passed it to Hakimi, who immediately hit him back, and the quick combination finally resulted in another great shot, namely into the bottom corner of the goal. Perin reached for her in vain.

It wasn’t until the 32nd minute that the Turin national team got another opportunity, but it should be noted that after Cuadrado’s set piece, Bremer’s header could hardly be saved. The same can be said about the finish on the other side, which was produced by Vitinha, because he shot very inaccurately. And in the 43rd minute, Verratti did perhaps even worse in the end, who could only hit the area of ​​the rugby goal with his left foot if it was standing in Princes Park.

In general, PSG kept the reins of the match under their own protection, when in addition, in the 49th minute, Neymar was actively involved in the action, and he tested Perino’s skills with his visit, it seemed that it would not be long before the difference between the opponents would be increased. But Juventus lost a lot in the 53rd minute, as a pass from the left from Kostic was used by McKennie, who replaced the head, and suddenly Les Parisiens were afraid of victory. A few moments later, however, Donnarumma presented himself excellently again, managing to eliminate a dangerous header attempt from Vlahovič, and in the 81st minute, Locatelli, whose business was cut off by Verratti together with Donnarumma, did not make it from a decent position.

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