Messi and co. they were brilliant. But it will be worse for Pilsen to play against current Barcelona! She is extremely hungry

Barcelona (from our correspondent) – “What Barcelona performed then was absolutely unreal. A lot of players were foster children, they could easily be blindfolded, they would still know about each other. They were able to win, they raised football to art. The current Barcelona is trying to copy them. But like it or not, earlier performers are missing. Paganini was also one, so was Mozart,” says coach Josef Csaplár.

The departure of brilliant players and the subsequent financial problems had a significant impact on the condition of the Catalan giant. The icon Xavi, who returned to the Camp Nou last November as a coach, is trying to put Barcelona on the old successful tracks. Along with President Laporta’s policies, he is trying to create a team similar to the one he commanded as captain.

Photo: Nacho Doce, Reuters

Joy of Barcelona players after scoring a goal.Photo: Nacho DoceReuters

“However, whether it will be possible to bring up and discover similar types of players so that it fits them ideally is a question,” says Csaplár, who has an excellent overview of the Catalan club. He has been a fan of Barcelona’s philosophy for years, and has seen all of their matches this season.

“It’s not the good old Barcelona. Which does not mean that the current one is weaker. Her motto is that she is extremely hungry. The players want to prove something, they want to win the Champions League. He aspires to achieve the unusualness and perfection of his predecessors. Of course, I don’t know what the lineup will be now. But I would say that it will be worse for Pilsen to play against the current Barcelona,” points out Csaplár.

He considers the Frenchman Dembélé to be the best player of the current Catalan team, on the contrary, he is not yet convinced by the 18-year-old talent of Gavi. “With Valladolid, Gavi disappointed me, I wasn’t too excited about him against Sevilla either. But I note that my view is of the moment, not of the future. The absolute top for me is Dembélé, Lewandowski has an incredibly positive role,” says Csaplár.

Photo: Joan Monfort, CTK/AP

Barcelona gunner Robert Lewandowski celebrates a goal.Photo: Joan MonfortČTK/AP

“Recently, Dembélé could pass him in front of an empty goal. He took the end on himself, fired wide. Lewandowski’s reaction was amazing. He didn’t curse, he didn’t throw up his hands. He told Dembélé that the next time he passes to him, he will score a goal, which is the best for Barcelona,” adds the 59-year-old coach, according to whom Viktoria can benefit from being underestimated by the opponent. “But, I repeat again, this Barca is hungry. Tremendously, ” points out Csaplár.

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