US Open | The beer queen conquered the US Open. She received a huge round of applause for her piece

Fan Megan Lucky became the star of the stands in Flushing Meadows, where she once again claimed the imaginary beer queen crown after a year.

Last year, Lucky was caught on camera in the auditorium drinking an entire beer in one go. A year later, television found her in the stands again, and the fan proved that her performance last year was no accident. This time she emptied the cup while standing to the applause of the entire stadium.

The unofficial time of her feat even appeared on social networks, she should have consumed the entire beer in 7 seconds and 37 hundredths.

The video of the beer liner was also published by the US Open’s official Twitter account, among others. And the Luckys, he added a lot of popularity. The number of followers on her Instagram increased by leaps and bounds from 66,000, and she earned 148,000 likes for a beer on her ex. Her new admirers would probably generally agree that in her case an otherwise rather debatable saying applies – “Beer makes beautiful bodies.”

But beer heroism was certainly not the only curiosity among fans at the US Open. Hard to beat in this regard will be the supporter, American YouTuber JiDion, who had his hair shaved off in the audience during the tense quarter-final battle between Nick Kyrgios and Karen Chačanov.

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