Report from the match Sevilla FC – Manchester City: statistics, report

Report from the match Sevilla FC – Manchester City: statistics, report
Report from the match Sevilla FC – Manchester City: statistics, report
Manchester City lived up to their role as favorites in Sevilla and entered the Champions League with flying colours, following a faultless performance to a commanding 4-0 win. Haaland scored twice, Foden and Dias also scored once. The Citizens clearly dominated the match and almost didn’t let Sevilla do anything.

The first scoring opportunity of the match was only seen in the 13th minute. Jack Grealish crossed Jesús Navas, made space between the defenders and fired home. However, he only hit the side netting from a relatively wide angle. A few moments later, Phil Foden got in front of the Bono goalkeeper, but Acuña cleared the ball at the last minute. The dominant performance of the Citizens bore fruit in the 20th minute, with the dreaded Kevin De Bruyne-Erling Haaland pairing. The Belgian midfielder made a great run behind the defense on Phil Foden’s pass and moved the ball into the small area with a shot cross, where the Norwegian sharpshooter found it and tapped the ball into the empty goal in the air.

In the 29th minute, a dangerous standard situation came after a foul on Bernardo Silva. Kevin De Bruyne stood up to her and his technical shot narrowly missed the right post of Bono’s goal. A few minutes later, the home side also got their first shot, but Acuña’s cross shot from outside the penalty area was not accurate at all, and it was followed by a kick from Ederson’s goal. Papu Gómez could have put an end to Sevilla’s offensive woes in the 40th minute, but even his shot from an interesting position did not fit, and he did not threaten the rival sanctuary.

The Citizens’ lead could have been doubled at the start of the second half. De Bruyne took advantage of a mistake in the opponent’s play and together with Erling Haaland rushed at the goalkeeper Bono. However, the Belgian prankster was unable to shoot past the running goalie from the edge of the penalty area. However, Manchester struck again before the 60th minute was over. In the penalty area, Phil Foden got to the ball, played with Nianzou and Gudelj, then finished beautifully against the post and made it 0:2. Just three minutes later, Haaland had another great chance, but he headed wide of the three posts. Sergi Gómez prepared a beautiful cross right at the foot of the Norwegian striker.

In the 64th minute, Bono again pulled the ball out of his goal. After a beautiful combination, Gündogan cleared it into the net, but the boundary referee saw Phil Foden’s offside position, and the goal was rightly disallowed. However, the score 0:2 was not on the scoreboard for long, none other than Erling Haaland could take care of the next change. He was again in the right place at the right time in the 67th minute when he headed in Phil Foden’s shot. Sevilla couldn’t keep up in the match against the English champions, goalkeeper Bono made another difficult save in the 74th minute, this time he didn’t let João Cancelo’s hard blow behind him.

In the set time came another great pressure from the visiting team. First, Gündogan had another goal on his mind, but he couldn’t orientate himself quickly in front of the open goal, so the ball just bounced to the young Palmer, who then shot and was not far from his first goal of the season. A few moments later, Julián Álvarez’s shot was kicked off the goal line by one of the defenders. However, Citizens’ fourth goal did come. Stopper Dias ran right onto Cancel’s cross and made the final 0:4.

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