MMA | The undefeated Czech Republic is sad! The dream UFC was close, even a dominant win did not convince the president

The 20-year-old Bledá entered the popular show Dana White’s Contender Series as a favorite, before her dream contract in the UFC, she was welcomed in the cage by Brazilian Nayara Maia, twelve years older, who had the same goal. Although the duel was not a walk in the park from the point of view of the 20-year-old native of Prague, the Czech can still be proud of a dominant victory, which was not far from ending before the limit.

The first five-minute session offered the most even course. After a wild firefight, the expected scenario began to be written – a fight on the ground. Within a few tens of seconds, the situation got tangled so many times that both fighters tried both dominant positions and moments of pressure from their counterparts. Nevertheless, it was Bledá who controlled the situation on the floor of the cage for more than three minutes, but at the same time she had to watch out for possible tricks from her opponent. The Brazilian, who practiced judo in the past and has a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, tried many times to catch her twelve-year-younger opponent with a variety of submissions, but she failed. And paradoxically, at the end of the first round, it could have been Bledá who miraculously did not strangle the elite scorer.

Bélé’s attitude also worked, the Brazilian, on the other hand, fumbled in it.Photo: UFC

The physically demanding first round took its toll mainly on the experienced Brazilian, whose pace began to wane and the match thus turned into an unequivocal game. In addition, Bledé again managed to hit her opponent several times in stance, some shots even found their target very cleanly, but the road to finishing before the limit was still a long way off. It was the same after a few more minutes in a dominant position on the ground, where the young Czech tried to use both elbows and fists. The visibly tired Brazilian pulled from the last, and she still had another five minutes ahead of her.

The picture of the fight did not change in the third round. Maia tried with all her strength to threaten, but her blows did not have the appropriate force, often not even the accuracy. In addition, another piece of destruction came near the net, where Bledé managed to turn the situation around and playfully used it to pull to the ground, which was the best possible news for the coaching team. Completely exhausted and breathing deeply, the Brazilian survived another hard pressure, after which even the referee was preparing to end the match, which was not necessary in the end. Perhaps by a miracle, the native of Bela Horizonte was able to reach the final gong.

Before the final announcement, the winner was clear (3 x 30-26). However, it was far from clear whether a dominant victory would be enough for Bledé to secure the coveted contract. In addition, the talented Czech had to wait another two hours for the ortel, because there were four more matches in order, after which UFC president Dana White traditionally took the floor, who moved on to the most important thing.

He was the first to start with the Czech hope, whose facial expression showed huge disappointment within a few seconds. “I heard a lot about Teresa’s stance, but she didn’t show much of it, a lot of clinching and fighting on the ground. Also, she was supposedly the biggest favorite on the whole card, but it didn’t look like that in the match for me. She’s still a young fighter, she needs to pick up experience. She still has time,” President White said of his reasons for not offering the young wrestler a contract.

After Matěj Peňáz, who fell after only 47 seconds on the same occasion last week, the 20-year-old female hope did not succeed either, but she does not have to be sad. At 20 years old, he has a career ahead of him, and it’s certainly not out of the question that he won’t receive a lasso directly from the UFC in the future. There are still three Czechs in the famous organization – light heavyweight champion Jiří Procházka, David Dvořák and Lucie Pudilová.

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