For a basketball player at the European Championships, they beat: one shot behind, defense under the predator

For a basketball player at the European Championships, they beat: one shot behind, defense under the predator
For a basketball player at the European Championships, they beat: one shot behind, defense under the predator

It was illustrated by a single rush representative. In Monday’s game with the Netherlands, Vesel lost 24 points, Martin Peterka added 20 to him, but he only found admirable pain with a 3-point score.

Only in other mosses?

No one joined Veselmo, who averages 14.5 points per save, to knock the ice in the Czech advantage.

Vojtch Hruban scored 22 points on Tuesday against Finland, to which his native team lost 88:98, the second best scorer was Vesel with 15. Potili was joined by the points of the forward Patrik Auda and Jaromr Bohak, who made his first appearance after a long illness with a mole in front of the opponent.

Only in the competition jersey, the star Lauri Markkanen flashed 34 points, the three-pointer Sasu Salin added 23. In the Polk jersey, AJ Slaughter and Mateusz Ponitka were again alive, both reaching the twenty-point mark. Not only Nikola Joki, but also Vasilije Mica were the Serbs.

Even so, they have a difficult record of 1:3 in Group D, but they can still make it to the Berlin round of 16. Although the Serbs asked Israel, the representatives will first play a duel with them on Thursday from 5:30 p.m. for promotion. That is, in case the Finns do not succumb to the Netherlands before 14:00. Then the trio of Esko, Finland and Israel would be judged and skre.

esk coach Ronen Ginzburg and captain Vojtch Hruban

For the last duel of the group, the representatives will have to patch up another sore spot, which Ronen Ginzburg changed not only after Finland: The main problem was again in defense. If we could stop the soupe in a short time, we could also swim into the opposite current. The defense is the stock of the veho.

the flow and overall concept of the game then only work sometimes.

Tom Satoransk was the usual forward for the EuroBasket home team and suddenly spilled his ankle, he plays despite the discomfort and stiffness, but the injury limits him and his performance, especially after the side’s points, is not impressive. Against Finland, he recorded a serviceable ten assists, but the team got used to the impact of the puck.

And this second year he won’t be able to completely heal.

The stupid game against the Netherlands showed that it can be done. To be sure, the snakes, especially in the water, did not put up such a resistance, but they still showed ferocity and were looking for heat.

The hero of the rescue was the changed Peterka, who had to fulfill the role of a religious substitute in Prague. You won’t find him under anyone, and his position as a pivot would indicate that. A big fan of fantasy, he is hungry on the perimeter, from where he unfailingly shoots for those points. Like Legolas, his goofy Tolkien hero from The Lord of the Rings.

The 5th Monday’s duel against the Netherlands was a great success for the handsome guy. six three-pointers out of seven, even Stephen Curry, the master of his craft, would not be ashamed of such a balance.

In total, after those duels in the championship, he had a 75% chance of long-range shots, hitting 12 of 16. He only burned his statistics against Finland, making one of those three-point attempts. He didn’t miss the match, in which the best horseshoes Vesel and Auda stood up for the representatives. And accurate fire cannot work under.

In the crucial quarter-final match against Israel, however, Peterka once again caught my attention. The technique of laying from the length, which is still valuable in modern pivots, is now out of fashion.

However, against the Finns, his imaginary bow snapped. It was a palpable sign, because even when fighting with female opponents on a similar level, you need to be different.

Moments from the Czech Republic – Finland:

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