those beers for the price of one! How the Finns conquered Prague and took away 100 thousand

Finland, recently discovered, is the capital of the basketball league, and its name is Finnish, if unusually, similar to Prague.

It’s like playing at home, even when we’re in Prague. It’s just, I’ll spoil it. That’s how it’s been for the last seven, eight years, from a 98:88 victory against the Estonian 23-point nice guy Sasu Salin, who emerges from the noise of Finnish newspapers and is happy to speak English.

But we’re going back to Piblin in two hours.

At five o’clock, tens of minutes before the start of the match against Finland, O2 the arena is difficult to swim in. Men, women, and children from Europe’s most oppressed city crowd their side of the hall. As is their custom.

Gradually, more supporters are mobilizing, bringing the total number of occupied cities to 10,381.

The Finns win the rebound and Markkanen takes over, who is fouled by Tom Kyzlink in front of the Sevean stand to the delight of the crowd. He graduates his neighbors to rapturous applause.

Finnish boiler in a fight against esku:

7. of 2022 at 1:55 pspvek archivevn: 7. of 2022 at 1:56

From the opposite direction, however, the previous offender Kyzlink swam behind you, and he is responsible for similar applause. First and last time.

The first quarter was closed again by teammate Tom Satoranskho from Chicago Markkanen, when he quickly finished off Valtonen’s drive. Susijengi fans, young and old, cheered from the bench to their darkness. Each Markkanenv is worth a few extra decibels.

Maybe it will help if he tries to sell me alcohol here. People are then relaxed. In Finland, it can only be consumed in the bar area. Here you can pin it on the stand, said Salin after the save. When you buy those beers here, they cost me ten euros, you can buy one in Finland for that, propot.

It’s eleven o’clock. A single point and they would be in the quarter-finals.

About the seed between the first two quarters, put a Finnish flag on the board, create cheerleaders for it, and center the creation of spaces on the stele from half the hits.

Reward? 100 thousand crowns, the moderator repeats several times. At the current exchange rate, 4,063 euros.

Start, throw, the Bounce mascot throws meters up to a hundred thousand crowns. Therefore, after the unsuccessful first quarter, the fans were a bit confused and looked towards the scoreboard to see what was going on. What would?

The 17-year-old first made a hundred thousand crowns!

Check out his awesome shot HERE:

In the second place, grab and download.

The Suomi boiler is not silent, but the Esk counters. An even fight in terms of looking at the dashboard and reverse. Even though they had great support, Markkanen acknowledged after the save. The atmosphere was great from both sides. Both from the Eskho boiler and from the Finnish one.

The Finns are known for having great fans, but I have to say that they weren’t behind at all, after the Ondeja Balvn game.

et fans in a match with Finland

Half an hour’s distance to Ginzburg has narrowed to six points.

In the second half, the Czech game is revived by Patrik Auda, who fights hard and quickly scores seven points. Maybe motivated, maybe a little careless, two tons of fouls and maybe the momentum is there.

The Finns then eliminated every sign and in the end did not let the jumping skills of their main star Markkanen stand out, who received a pass from Salin and executed a successful alley oop, we are out of the air.

Finnish star Lauri Markkanen celebrates.

Lauri, Lauri, celebrate the 34th point of the star, which is one of the main reasons why everyone is here and why basketball has become a family sport for everyone in Finland.

A similar parallel could perhaps only be found in our country with biathlon, which gradually found its way into homes and became a family activity and a nationwide phenomenon.

88:98 – pork.

We saw that we were moving better than before, Salin continued in the post-season evaluation. We don’t even notice when a free three-pointer opens up for him, he explained, for the Finns, they sent a lot of shots from behind the point line before n. 15 of them were converted.

But the avalanche stopped at you.

The loss to the Finns is painful for the Czech team, but it did not suffer a crushing blow like the loss of Serbia to Israel. even so, he knows that he has to win against Israel on Thursday. This is not even about talent, it will be about who wants to take it in Balvn.

quarter untied

  • IF they lose to Israel, so be it end.
  • IF Israel is defeated and the Netherlands is defeated by the Finns, both of them advance in the dark (Finn thanks to the point, even on the basis of good relations with Israel).
  • IF the Finns and the Dutch disappoint and win against Israel, the trio of Czech-Israel-Finland will decide skre in mutual rescues.

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