I saved someone’s life and got a penalty, Carlos Sainz is angry. It is said that he got into the situation in the pits innocently

I saved someone’s life and got a penalty, Carlos Sainz is angry. It is said that he got into the situation in the pits innocently
I saved someone’s life and got a penalty, Carlos Sainz is angry. It is said that he got into the situation in the pits innocently

Commentary: Ferrari have come under massive criticism – unfortunately this is one of the things that is becoming a regular occurrence this season. Even worse, Ferrari is criticized not only by many experts, but also by their own fans, who certainly lose their nails or hair during the races. The team from Maranello made another mistake in the Grand Prix of the Netherlands, this time during a pit stop.

It’s the 15th round of the Dutch Grand Prix when Ferrari decide to make a pit stop and put Sainz on a fresh set of medium hard tyres.

But the Italian team was not prepared for this pit-stop, so Sainz’s pit-stop lasted up to 12.7 seconds. The Spanish pilot thus fell down the order, after exiting the pit lane he even found himself on the eleventh place, although some of the riders in front of him had not yet pitted.

However, Ferrari once again became the target of ridicule and, as is usual this season, they once again pissed off their own fans.

So why did Ferrari call Sainz into the pits when they knew they wouldn’t have time to properly prepare that pit stop and thus lose valuable time and positions? Team boss Mattia Binotto still maintains that Ferrari does not need any changes, especially in terms of racing strategy.

Statements from Rosberg and Binotto

“When will that day come? That is no longer possible. Even Formula 2 and Formula 3 teams do a better job of strategy and pit stops than Ferrari. You come to the pits and there is not a single tire ready for us in the race. At some point, you have to start making changes.” said Rosberg, whose words were quoted by the Racing News 365 server.

However, Binotto responded to Rosberg via another interview not long after. “We will not change any members of our team, that is a direct answer for Rosberg. More important is stability and making sure you improve race by race. We have a great team, no doubt about that.’

“It was already too late, so we didn’t have time to react (to that pit stop – editor’s note). I’m pretty sure we can improve in the future. It worries me less than the speed of the car.” added Binotto.

After this statement, Ferrari fans can once again hold their heads and begin to imagine with horror what their favorite team will perform in the upcoming event of the season, which is, after all, the home Grand Prix of Italy. However, Binotto’s argument about the fact that they were not able to react to that pit-stop afterwards also makes no sense.

In the Formula 1 environment, where every tenth of a second really counts, this is an absolute disaster. And not because of the fight for the title, that can no longer be talked about, but because of the obvious direct fight with Mercedes for third place.

And to clarify the information about that incriminating moment, Ferrari decided only at the last corner that Sainz would be called to the pits.

“So if I don’t have ready tires, I don’t go to the pits. This is not at all a discussion about someone getting there late. Are you crazy to let that pilot into the pits when you know it’s a hell of a 150 meters to the pits? After all, that’s complete bullshit,” said Czech racer and F1 expert Josef Král in the EisKing podcast.

And their viewers then mentioned only one thing in the comments – he said it exactly and he is absolutely right. Not to mention that if Ferrari’s strategists are no longer missing, the drivers themselves will “take care” of it. In Zandvoort, Carlos Sainz also made one of them, during his second pit stop.

Sainz’s second pit stop and more trouble

He was released into the path of Fernando Alonso, with Sainz hesitating as he exited his stall and narrowly avoiding contact with Alonso. The race management subsequently awarded him a five-second penalty.

Because of her, Sainz lost his final fifth place and dropped to position number 8. In the fifty-fifth lap, at the end of the finish line, Valtteri Bottas stopped his Alfa Romeo and the safety car came out on the track.

This logically caused the entire starting field to come together and Sainz did not gain a sufficient lead by the end of the race so that the penalty did not cause him to drop in the results list. The Spanish racer said after the Dutch Grand Prix that it was a race to forget.

Despite winning the podium, Charles Leclerc was very disappointed, admitting that it will be very difficult to win the title this season.

What has the Dutch Grand Prix done to the standings?

The drivers’ championship seems to be decided with 7 races to go, although Leclerc still has a mathematical chance for the title. But after what we saw in the last races, it seems clear to everyone that Verstappen will defend his title.

He leads the championship with a lead of 109 points, having collected 310 points so far. Second Leclerc and third Sergio Pérez both have 201 points.

Red Bull leapfrogged Ferrari in the Constructors’ Cup as well. The Austrian team also leads this championship with 501 points. Conversely, Mercedes in third place is slowly but surely reducing its lead over Ferrari in second place. At the moment, the difference between them is only 30 points.

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