Will Comet get along with Peshout? He has the courage to build young players, but he needs to lose weight, advises Duda

Among other things, Pešut will meet his 13-year-old son Simon, who is a goalkeeper in the Komety youth team, at the club.

But back to Pešout the elder. “He did a good job in Karlovy Vary and I think Libor (Zábranský, club owner and general manager) liked it too. The choice of coaches in the Czech Republic is limited, so it made sense to him,” continues Duda.

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“Kometa is one of the best, along with Pilsen, in the selection of young players, and I think that the philosophy of the organization still wants to be preserved and Martin has the courage to put those young players there,” continues the 43-year-old expert.

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Although one could read from Duda’s speech that he approves of Pešout’s engagement in Brno, he also has some criticisms towards the 55-year-old coach. “What I don’t like about him is that he is a big fan on the substitutes’ bench, he should be more of a strategist, a diplomat, keep calm, work on himself,” says the former national team striker, and he also comments on Pešout’s appearance.

“Eating well, being thinner, they just have to look it. This is point number one that good trainers look good. They simply exude charisma,” concludes Duda.

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