NHL pay for esk game incl. My resignation will be almost eight million

NHL pay for esk game incl. My resignation will be almost eight million
NHL pay for esk game incl. My resignation will be almost eight million

Until now, the contract signed by both parties from 2013, which was supposed to last after the 2019/20 season, was valid, but in the end it was always gradually extended by a year.

Now it has a new look, more suitable for Czech clubs.

The NHL pays 285 thousand US dollars (that’s seven million crowns) for each game with which one of the Canadian-American clubs signs a contract. From the 2026/27 season, this fee will cost ten thousand dollars (almost eight million crowns).

This amount will then be distributed to the club where the given game has played in the last few seasons.

For the season that ended in the calendar year, in which the game concluded a playing contract with an organization in the NHL, the given club received more than 69 percent of the total remuneration.

He will receive 19 percent of the bonus for the previous season, two nine percent in a year, and the club in which he played for the fourth season after signing will receive a percentage of the percentage.

In the past, the amount was divided into t seasons in a ratio of 70-20-10. Therefore, we took one percent from each year to reward the team from the fourth season for their upbringing, explained the change of manager of the extra league Tom Janko.

This division, however, only applies if the given game is played for the duration of all the seasons in question.

The NHL divides the pension for signing a game by this ratio only when he plays in one state. If in the course of these seasons I transfer abroad, I will die for 40-20-20-20, explains extraliga editor Martin Loukota for iDNES.cz.

Juraj Slafkovsk was asked by the newspaper as the number one pick in the NHL draft, Montreal chose him.

Juraj Slafkovsk is expected to be the last pick of the draft. Slovaks will not receive the same amount from the NHL, because in the last few years he played abroad: those years in Finland and the 2018/19 season he spent in Hradec Krlov and Salzburg. But because this season he played more in Hradec than in Austria, a percentage of twenty percent goes to Mountfield, he explains.

The exception is the clubs of junior girls who do not figure in this contract. If the player only lasts one season before signing, don’t sweat it. If two or more, gradually erase the seasons from which the death is sweating.

Therefore, if the game lasted two seasons before signing in the NHL, one hundred percent (20 + 20) of the total of 285 thousand dollars would be received by the club from which he left for North America.

Financial bonuses are tied to the NHL draft. For each game drafted in the first round, the team from which the organization in the NHL selected him will receive 35 thousand dollars (860 thousand crowns). In the second and later round, 20 thousand dollars (490 thousand crowns). This will also increase by five thousand dollars from the 2026/27 season.

Bonus for playing in the NHL

There is one financial reward in the contract between the NHL and the IIHF. IIHF national teams (except Canada, USA and Russia) divided the given team (determined at the end of the season) as a percentage based on how many players of a given nationality played in the NHL 30 and over.

For example, Plzeň won 35 thousand dollars for David Jiko and 20 thousand dollars for Jakub Vondra thanks to the draft.

The reward for the draft is new, it was not there in the last contract, Mr. Loukota.

All in all, thanks to Jiko, I received the maximum possible reward. He grew up playing hockey, never transferred, and was selected by Columbus in the draft. Before long, Novkovo signed a contract with him, and thanks to this, NHL Plzeň will become richer by 320 thousand dollars, i.e. eight million crowns.

Even because of the financial evaluation, in the Czech club’s opinion, the game is played in all darknesses. The Association of Professional Clubs will try to help with this, in cooperation with Loukota, even though the clubs themselves are in a key position.

The only thing I can do to help the clubs is to try to keep the extraliga level as high as possible and improve it as much as possible. We want an attractive match, I’m sorry for the set club and so on what you give your young players. There is a difference, if you play in the first line next to experienced players, or with workers in the fourth, uvd Loukota mon piny decisive game, whether to stay in Esk or try to play.

Not only for the draft, but also, for example, for the proper play in the national teams, individual clubs from the union receive points to the so-called club youth ranking, from which the best academy in the Czech Republic is awarded. Vtz zsk vt according to the material subsidy.

Last season, Plze dominated the team with a big jump, thanks in part to Jiko, who took part in both senior and junior national team events.

However, it is necessary to add that this year in the NHL draft, the same players who worked or worked in Pilsen were selected, which is a clear indication that the work of the Pilsen club with youth is high-quality and meaningful, according to the manager of the academy, Pavel Geffert. He talked about David pak, Peter Hauser, Jiko and Vondra.

In the last five years, it is mostly possible to work with young Komet players, as well as Pilsen, Liberec or Pardubice. The best team that does not have the status of an academy is a total of ten Chomutovs.

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